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Pandora's Toy Box (Daycare AU!)



By the hands of your parents or guardians, you have been plucked from your home and your playpen, left at the daycare center...
This is Pandora's Toy Box: the Daycare AU
Or as I like to call it: Pandora Babies!! (Pandora's Toy Box just sounded more unnecessarily dramatic) =D What this basically is is an AU inspired by the popular trope of Spinoff Babies, which almost anyone familiar with franchising in general knows all about. Basically, this is an AU where everything's the same, except Pandora is now Pandora Daycare Center, all of the characters have been aged down to toddlers, and their problems are now on the same toddler scale. For example; the toddlers must learn to deal with the cookie shortage plaguing the center, but temper tantrums are becoming more and more frequent because of it. Or, some of the toddlers think that little Ravenna girl is a big bully and seriously needs a time out, but the adults never seem to be able to catch her doing something wrong when you need them to. Ridiculous stuff like that (Think every episode of "The Rugrats"). Sound silly and outrageous enough for you? Good! Let's get this ball rolling then! =3

Here's some minor guidelines though just so everyone's on the same page:​
  • The adult caretaker is going to be an NPC, so feel free to use her as needed. Her name is Ms. Pandora and she isn't exactly very hands on, or else we wouldn't be able to have all these ridiculous shenanigans, would we?​
  • How you age down your character is up to you. This means you could bring in your character as they were canonly as a toddler, or just make them an aged down version of themselves as adults (having their powers, certain adult personality traits being parodied, etc.). Whatever sounds most fun to you, go for it. Just remember that they are now a toddler, still have the toddler mindset, and will therefore being doing things on a toddler scale.​
  • Feel free to make your own threads! I actually don't know if any of my characters would be fit for this, so I might not even be involved! Frankly, I just want to see it happen! That being said, go forth and be silly. I would appreciate it though if you marked the thread (Daycare AU) or something along those lines so participants can jump in/I can creep on it.​
  • For the love of God, please don't take this seriously. Use common sense, don't do anything weird, blah blah blah. Have fun with it! It's supposed to be silly! =D​
I think that's about all that might've been needed to be said. So, without further ado, let's make use of this brainstorming page! If you want to toss a character in, post here with this format:

Child's Name:
Brief Description of Child:

This will just give people a general idea of the changes that came with the aged down version of the character and their aged down traits. Once you've posted, feel free to go forth and let the craziness ensue! Have fun! Anomaly this is nuts what are you doing.


Would pokémon or digimon become prior evolutions of themselves?? (E.g Lucario would become Riolu)

Moonlit Dream

Child's Name: Kurou
Brief Description of Child: having little control over his powers, little Kurou often trips and falls, which often results in him hurting himself. It also means that he may start to float away at seemingly at random intervals. His favourite toy is a flute. In terms of personality he thinks he's the best and will happily show off, which means he often gets into fights against those who don't appreciate that...
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Because I think Turtle Tots are cute as shell...

Child's Name: Donatello Hamato

Brief Description of Child: A quiet, shy and polite toddler who prefers to keep to himself and read or fiddle around with mechanical toys over playing with the other kids. When he does talk to any adults, it's mainly to ask questions about whatever he's thinking about or has become curious towards. Compared to his brothers. Donatello is the most likely to fall sick first and always the last to recover from childhood illnesses.



Child Name: Riolu (younger Lucario)

Brief description of Child: Always aiming to learn, Riolu is a bit of a teacher's pet. Though he has great potential, he knows little of the world around him and is not easy to trust people he doesn't know. He's quiet mostly but will protect the needy and helpless if they're in a difficult situation. He likes to think that he doesn't need others, but they need him.

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