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Hi guys, I hope you all are doing ok! I would like you all a question.

Persona 5r Endgame Spoilers
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Thanks to everyone who has voted! This poll is now closed and I am sorry for not putting in spoilers here. The vote is tallied and I will go for someone who I should have applied for a long time ago! Many thanks for your time everyone!

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O-o; I swear I posted something but it ain't showing. Anywhoo.... I'm finally back in the saddle and would love to get some plots going with Jack again. I'm unfortunately dropping down to 1 character because current events have spiked work too much for me to be confident beyond that... But if y'all want to plot with my grumpy old soldier, lemme know!
shout out to all the kids running for Gen Sec. don't ruin my democracy please and thank you.
I am apologizing for this past month with posting guys. Bunch of stuff happened and the month went away from me.
Grand opening at Cave of Wonders today. Come by, play some games, have some coffee. It's fun. :3

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