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Pokémon Fire Gym: Be the Very Best!


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Gym Battle Season


Residents of Pandopolis City, prepare yourselves! Anyone within the city will find that they've all had their eyes drawn to the arches of a Fire Pokémon gym that recently appeared within the city itself. The building itself is stable despite being such a recent addition, although the sign at the door tells of a different story.

For those who know the scorching passion that is Pokémon battling, it will come as no surprise to see the current gym leader. A popup gym that will earn trainers a badge, it's a rarity in being a limited time badge! Professor Jones has deemed it so, proclaiming that everyone should know the true love of training Pokémon while the sun still shines.

How will the gym challenge work?

Professor Jones has built the gym to reflect 3 phases of Pokémon training. Due to this nature, there are 3 floors dedicated to each phase. Each floor is separated by a staircase that will only appear once the challenge has been completed. The staircase mysteriously appears to float, dipping beneath each step but never falling.

The first floor is a maze, walls of flame from ceiling to floor keeping any cheating from occurring. Throughout this maze, each person is bound to run into 3 different trainers. They will each ask a question about Pokémon and how they come to be before the battle. For any questions answered incorrectly, you're given the answer and then another question about Pokémon history. A max of 3 questions will be asked, no matter if the Challenger gets them all right or all wrong.

The second floor, taking some inspiration from Leader Kabu, is a wide open space filled with tall grass. Trainers are also hiding within the tall grass, ready to battle to prove your bond with your Pokémon is truly strong. The Pokémon that can be found within the grass can be found here, starting at Caterpie and stopping at Toxel. It does not include any starter Pokémon listed or any evolved Pokémon, unfortunately.

And the third floor, where the Professor resides, is a puzzle. Challengers will be required to jump across stones, avoiding falling into the lava below. The entire room can be rotated via a panel, near the middle of the cluster, while each grouping of stepping stones is moved via various buttons throughout the room. Once a Challenger succeeds, they will then face off against Professor Jones himself to earn their Fire Badge.

The wacky Professor has 3 Pokémon: a level 26 Turtonator, a level 26 Torkoal and a level 29 Charizard. The order within they appear is random, but Charizard as a default is the last to appear in combat unless pulled onto the field by another Pokémon.

Do we get to keep the Pokémon after?

Absolutely! You only catch 4 to complete the gym challenge itself, but keeping the Pokémon afterwards is entirely encouraged. Please note that this will require you to request an edit to your character's application to now include the Pokémon and their abilities as NPCs. Which abilities each Pokémon has is limited to what they can actually learn, but you can make the decision befitting the Pokémon's level.

Professor Jones only has one caveat: you must care for them and not just keep them in a PC for the rest of time. They get lonely in there and he doesn't want their poor little hearts to be broken and teased at the prospect of being a trainer's favorite Pokémon and then never seeing the sun again. They deserve the world, too!

How do I sign up?

Simply start a thread within the gym's forum and you're in! Thread partners get to work their way through the gym challenge together and face off with the gym leader one on one to see who truly is, the very best that no one ever was.


Consider it your very own gym badge! So long as you have at least one post in a thread counting towards fighting through the gym itself, you can grab one for your character/s that have participated in the gym battles with this neat lil' form.


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WHEN: All season long!
WHERE: Pandopolis
WHAT: A Pokémon gym has appeared in Pandopolis, run by the eccentric fire-type gym leader Professor Jones! Temporary but legit badges are being offered to trainers.


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