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News Article Police pick up new trail in wake of mysterious livestream


November 22nd

Ark City

Following the spree of mysterious and previously unconnected murders taken place in Ark City between October 1st and 8th. Ark City police are currently following a new trail. Speaking on behalf of the justice department a spokesperson had this to say. ¨Though independent from our investigation of the ´Pandora Life of Mutual Killing´ stream started two days ago. Careful analysis of this stream has brought new avenues of investigation to us¨. Rumours of this murder spree being linked to gang activity have existed from the start. But Ark City police declined to comment on these rumours. ¨Citizens of Ark City can rest assured that their police department is doing everything to bring the perpetrator of these gruesome acts to justice¨

In addition to picking up a new trail on the aforementioned investigation the police also picked up a fresh trail in various instances of property destruction. ¨Though less definitive then the first we are confident that this second investigation will be brought to a conclusion swiftly with the new information we now have in hand¨.

Ark City police further denied to comment on the ´Ṕandora life of mutual killing´ stream itself. Stating that any comments will be held off until the investigation itself is completed.


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