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Bug Squashed Possible Bug on Mobile


Is this an enemy stand?
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Android Samsung
Google Chrome, Desktop Site mode activated

Bug Description
Recently on mobile, using the backspace/delete key to delete spaces and sometimes letters or using the enter button kicks me out of Pandora's text box. It forces me to click and re enter the text box, basically, each time I use these keys and it's highly frustrating. It has only been happening on Pandora, and I haven't noticed this bug on any other website or app. I resetted my keyboard and nothing in my settings looks to be causing this issue, but it still persists.

Minor but frustrating

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open the reply box, it happens in either the one on the bottom of the page or if you open up a specific reply-window
  2. Type some things
  3. Try to backspace (either on a space, but only sometimes on a letter) or use the enter key
  4. It kicks me out of the box and I have to click to reenter
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