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We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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Power Swap


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Power Swap


At the start of Summer Y110, a strange phenomena starts to occur. Without any rhyme or reason, powers and abilities are being swapped back and forth between citizens of Pandora. Sometimes for thirty minutes, sometimes for several weeks. People with no experience using powers suddenly find themselves with the ability to fly or with x-ray vision, while others suddenly lose their powers and find out what its like to be an average person.

Abilities and powers seem to bounce around among friends, family, and total strangers walking by you down the street. Will someone go mad with power or rise to the challenge to save the day? Will you finally be able to know what its like to just... live an entire day without having to rescue someone?

How does this work?

However you'd like it to work! Players choose who get to swap powers, how many powers are crossed over, how long a person has those borrowed powers, etc, is all up to you guys! Want to only have one of your powers be borrowed? Done! Want it to last thirty minutes or three weeks? Done! Want to swap multiple powers to multiple people? Done! Want to give someone all of your characters powers and your character gets no powers because they swapped with a normal non-ability/power person? Done! It's completely up to you! Use this to power your plots.

The general rules are pretty simple:
  • People randomly swap powers/abilities when they are physically close to one another. This can happen in a split second.
  • You cannot swap the same power with more than one person at a time. If a character is borrowing a specific power, that power cannot be loaned to another character without the first character losing said power.
  • No swapping with NPCs.
  • Powers are directly what your character has and will not take other forms when transferred over.

Can anyone keep the powers permanently?

If you'd like this chance to permanently change your character with another, you absolutely can! It would require an edit to your character's application. Please note that as the power would be removed from one character and given to another both parties must consent to this and both parties much submit an edit to their applications in order for it to take affect.

Otherwise all powers will snap back to normal at the end of the season.


Has your character given powers away or received powers they didn't intend for? Just one in character post will qualify you for this neato lil medal. Simply reply to this thread with the form below (with the character that is claiming the medal) and we'll slap that bad boy on your character account!


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WHEN: All season long!
WHERE: All over Pandora!
WHAT: Powers and abilities are swapping all over the place and chaos will ensue as it always does. Trade your powers for FUN!

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