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For the past few days, I have been contemplating the idea of myself having fun by potentially making applications for characters who while I do have an interesting in apping, know I most likely couldn't do to the fact I most likely won't be able to handle that many characters with my current schedule. In spite of that, I still wanted to mess around by creating 'applications' for them anyway but never actually submitting them, or keeping them in case I ever want to submit them in the future.

Sadly, there isn't really anything I can conveniently do for something like that because in order to get a full proper view of how their application would appear it would need me to actually make a post on Pandora than either create it or just look at a preview and don't do anything else with it. Sure, maybe someone could create a thread for fun applications like that, but I personally wouldn't want to post an application in that sense simply for the fact I wouldn't want to get anyone's hopes up that I may actually go through with it.

As a potential resolution for this issue, I remembered on a previous RPing forum I have been on there was a forum titled 'My Private Workshop.' What it accomplished was allowing for registered users to access the forum and see only anything that they themselves posted. No one else can see it (I don't think even then mods could but I may be remembering wrong). It is similar to how the 'Private Questions' forum works in how only the person who originally posted the question and the mods of the forum can see any threads in it.

There would be more applicable uses for something such as this aside from my own personal desire to use it as well that include but are not limited to:
  • Alternative place to post 'in-progress' apps to later C&P into the proper forum
  • Experimental coding and general testing of bbcode related threads
  • Storage for templates
  • Backups for existing applications, organizers, or directories
  • Notes about roleplays and other references to reflect on
  • Ideas for the future
  • Like my reason, just posting 'for-fun' things such as applications that you wouldn't want others to see

With access to a private workshop that only you can access, it would be able to help people keep themselves more organized and potentially no longer require outside sources for things such as this. People who prefer to have everything in one place will be able to enjoy that privilege, especially knowing that some people are less organized simply because they don't want to separate Pandora-related things from the forum so they instead don't do it at all.
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