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Prometheus Dust

The Pantheon


Prometheus Dust


Prometheus Dust first manifested in Year 1 in the form of a virus that completely removed everyone’s superhuman abilities. Once a cure was found, it seemed to vanish from the land. However, in Year 2, a supply of weaker Dust was found and claimed by Pandopolis City's government, known back then as Pandora Town. In the century since then, Prometheus Dust has become much more common and abundant, to varying degrees depending on the region.

The main source of it is, in fact, from space. Large chunks of meteorite, theorized to be from the planetoid Prometheum, hold the crystals that can be refined into what is known as Prometheus Dust. The most commonly known and abundant source on Pandora's surface is within the Slumbering Abyss' Crystal Mines, the impact site of a Prometheus Dust meteor many years in the past. This mine is controlled by Heavenfell, and its distribution is tightly monitored.


Raw FormThe raw form of Prometheus Dust is that of a crystal. Officially, the crystals are not being used for anything publicly in any region. However, crystals mined from Prometheum — more specifically, mined from chunks that break off and are collected by nearby Alliance vessels — are commonly used as part of the power-cores of Alliance starships, among other things. Its use in starships is known among the higher-ups in Starfleet and the Alliance, but not considered public knowledge. In the same vein, those mined from the Slumbering Abyss are used in research in Cascade Bay to power powerful MagiTech, though this is not common knowledge, either. Please feel free to read more about their use in Cascade Bay here!

Powdered FormOnce a crystal has been ground into fine dust, it can have a number of different applications. The most common application of Prometheus Dust is in making items to deal with super-ability lifeforms, by negating their powers directly or restraining said type of person. Most commonly, you see Prometheus Dust used in bullets, blades, handcuffs, and in the holding cells for those awaiting trial or about to be transported to the Wastes.

While weapons laced with Prometheus Dust will still do the same damage as a weapon of its kind, the person infected with the Dust in their body has to deal with all of the side effects that apply to their specific abilities.

Side Effects

A person with Prometheus Dust in their system or touching their skin will find they are unable to use magic or superhuman abilities dependent on the strength of the dose and the strength of their abilities:

  • Individuals with genetically-altered/mutation-based/science-based abilities will find those skills affected and will potentially revert to how they were before their alterations.
  • Individuals with naturally-occurring superhuman physical abilities (such as natural super strength inherent to their race) may find their abilities weakened, their physical form draining, or be placed under a lethargy affect.
  • An individual may at times find that their physical appearance, if altered from what it naturally would be (through mutation, magic, etc.), completely or partially reverts to its natural form.

Please note that how strong a dose is can affect the scale or how their abilities/etc are reverted.

Extended exposure to Prometheus Dust can also cause odd markings (?¿) to appear on the body. The markings have a burning sensation and shift from a dark blue to a black color with time.

ImmunityExposure to Prometheus Dust only affects certain lifeforms. Those who are completely immune are:
  • Non-organic lifeforms
  • Mechanical lifeforms
  • Organic lifeforms without any form of magical and/or super abilities

Availability & Legal IC Consequences

Prometheus Dust is rare and expensive. While currently regulated by Cascade Bay on Pandora's surface and by Elysium in the Cosmic Wilderness, all governments have access to varying amounts of Prometheus Dust. While never confirmed or denied publicly, Lethe in particular makes ample use of Prometheus Dust in order to affix Control Tags to super-powered individuals.

Understandably, Dust is tightly regulated and is not given out easily legally. Dust might be used by varied kinds of researchers, with the correct permits and licensing per their local government. It is also used by law enforcement, to help detain suspected criminals with super-abilities. Any legal route of obtaining Prometheus Dust comes with the need to meet certain regulations regarding storage, usage, etc, though exacts vary from region to region.

Dust can also be found in the black markets of Pandora, though in lesser quantities and higher prices. Illegal Prometheus Dust is very rare and extremely expensive. To be found guilty of possession or use of Prometheus Dust can vary between region. Punishment can vary based on the amount of Prometheus Dust used and the severity of the crime, resulting in a varied range of sentencing: large fines, prison time, and even exile to the Wastes.


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