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So this is a random thought I had today that I wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not but I thought I might as well throw it out here.

I know there was already an overhaul over how sign-ups are done and all, but something I thought of was: since it often happens that characters meet in a place that they both frequent I was thinking of maybe having a regulars list for some businesses like cafes, markets, bookstores, etc. Then we could sign up our characters as regular in those places, which I think could maybe plotting easier since it would provide common links between characters that would otherwise go unnoticed. Stuff like people who actually work at those businesses knowing who shows up there fairly often, which could be a basis for at least the start of a relationship depending on the people involved, or just two regulars who could just meet by chance at their favorite place, stuff like that.

It's... a pretty trivial thing, I admit, and it's not all that necessary either, but I thought it could be a neat addition. It could also be more trouble than it's worth to add another thing to sign-ups but I'll leave that to you guys!
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