News Article Remembering October Daye: Parent, Personality, Private Eye.


September 5th, Y111.
By Julia Sowinski, The Pandora Times.

October Daye, the rough and tumble detective with a heart of gold who excited the world with her exploits of justice across the box and social drama as 'Toby D.', has disappeared from Pandora. Fans and Stans alike knew Toby Daye as a celebrity and personality worth as many billions of dollars as her many billions of Instabox followers; but close friends, families, and employees knew Toby as a kind, caring woman who'd just as quickly give the shirt off of her back as she would finish a fight in a back alley. She lived, she loved, and she gave as much as she could to kids and young adults in need of guidance.

She is survived by then-boyfriend Gabriel Reyes, the staff of her acclaimed detective agency Daye Investigations, and would have been survived by her daughter Gillian "Gilly" Natasha Marks, had she not left Pandora alongside her mother.

At this time, no statement has been received by Daye Investigations, the world-famous detective agency founded by the late investigator, on whether or not they'd be continuing operations since Daye's disappearance from Pandora and, if so, who would be stepping up to replace her as the company's chief of operations. However, an insider rumour has been circulating that Daye's proclaimed "right-hand man", detective Nick Valentine, had been personally named as her successor. However, no further information or rumour has come clear.

Current Instabox media manager, Diane F'ghlawnym, has announced an online vigil to be held in remembrance of Daye on September 9th from 5:30pm until 8:30pm on Daye's official Instabox account as well as the Instabox primary page.

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