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Private Request 13: At the Graves

Sumio Mondo

Flower, Sun, and Rain
Human Clone
Neutral Good
@Ran Mouri

September 18, 110

" you see that's why I can't pay you for uncovering the grave," explained the suspiciously well-dressed man.

After waiting patiently for the man to finish his story Sumio Mondo finally began speaking, "Do you honestly think I'm dumb enough to believe that anyone who requests me to GRAVE-ROB is of distinguished character and has a good reason for doing so?" the Searcher asked poignantly. "You just heard that I sometimes give free service to people with sob-stories didn't you? What do you actually want from me?" questioned Mondo hoping to get to the crux of the issue.

"Okay fine you got me, I'm not actually a poor blacksmith trying to recover a precious heirloom from his adopted mother's grave," the sharply-dressed man admitted. "You're way less gullible than I expected based on the stories I've heard about you."

"Wait, what stories have people been saying about me?!" Sumio asked worriedly.

"I'll cut to the chase, I want you to go to the Pandopolis Cemetary and dig up the grave of Samantha Schmidt and bring me everything that's inside her casket!" exclaimed the suspicious man while pretending not to hear Mondo's question, "There will be someone waiting to collect them in Blackhaven Park tomorrow night, if you successfully deliver what you find to him I'll reward you handsomely."

"Listen here! I don't take shady jobs like these! So why don't you..." the Searcher stopped as he processed the last part of what the man had said.

Despite the fact that his searching business was technically successful (based on the number of jobs he got in the span of a few weeks,) the truth was that Sumio was still in the red for the month. It wasn't difficult for Mondo to figure out why this was, to the contrary he was more painfully aware of the reason than anyone else. Simply put, Mondo Searching Co. gained a reputation as a place run by a pushover who'd give free service to anyone with a sad enough backstory. In most places the Searcher would've gotten at least some monetary compensation for his work, because in most places it's generally understood that people who provide you with a service deserve to get paid. However, as Mondo learned the hard way, Blackhaven wasn't like most places; as its residents were more than used to taking advantage of saps like Sumio.

"...How much money are you talking about here?"

"I can't believe I'm seriously going to do this," the Searcher thought aloud as he stood over the grave of Samantha Schmidt with a shovel at the ready, recognizing just how far he'd fallen. "I can't believe I'm so desperate that I'd work for someone who's probably involved with organized crime!" exclaimed Mondo with a sigh.

"Okay I should stop with the theatrics and actually do my job and dig up this grave, I already accepted this request so there's no turning back," resolved the Searcher as he started digging, "...still though, I really hope no one sees me."

Of course despite his complaints, Sumio knew that this job was a godsend. If he just delivered whatever presumably shady thing was hidden in the girl's casket, he'd get 100 gold coins. Forget about paying rent, with that absurdly large amount of money the Searcher could move out of Blackhaven entirely and set up shop in a place where people actually payed others for their services.

After a half-hour of digging Mondo finally reached the casket.

"Huh, that's strange the lid is already undone..." noted Sumio worriedly as he peered into the casket.

The casket was filled with bags of white powder, and Sumio Mondo instantly realized he was in over his head. He never imagined that he would ever be involved in drug-trafficking.

The Searcher stood frozen, until the chill of the night air woke him from his daze.

"I accepted that man's request, while I definitely shouldn't have, that doesn't change the fact that he's counting on me!" yelled Mondo with conviction as he started packing the bags inside of Catherine, "I've never failed to complete a request and I'm not starting now!"

After all the powder was safely stored inside of Catherine, Sumio climbed out of the grave and hurriedly began filling it back up with dirt, hoping to get his job over with as quickly as possible. However, the Searcher stopped suddenly as he realized a figure standing outside the fence of the cemetery was staring at him.

"This can't be happening..."
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