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If you wish to roleplay a canon character, you must first reserve that character here. While we have a Canon List with taken canon characters available to browse, please bear in mind that fandoms are not restricted to those on the list. You can reserve a character from any fandom you want, so long as they fall under our apping rules!

Reservation Policy

  • Only reserve one character at a time.
  • Reservations last for 7 days.
  • If your reservation runs out, you are free to reserve that character again.
  • You can reserve a character up to 4 times in a row in total.
  • After your 4th reservation, you will not be able to re-reserve the character until 2 weeks have passed.
  • Once this waiting period has passed, you can reserve the same character again up to 4 times in a row in total.
  • Please post in code!

Please bear in mind that our reservations system operates on a first come, first served basis. If you forget to re-reserve a character and someone else reserves them in the meantime, then the reservation goes to the second player, as they will have the active reservation.

The Form

[code*][*][b]OOC Account[/b] is reserving [b]Character[/b] from [b]Fandom[/b] until [b]7 days from now[/b].[/*code]

Current Reservations

  • Chrosmo is reserving Frank Morrison from Dead by Daylight until September 21st. (1)
  • Moss is reserving Hinata Hyuuga from Naruto until September 23rd. (3)
  • Lann is reserving Byleth Eisner from Fire Emblem until September 23rd. (2)
  • wist is reserving Herlock Sholmes from Ace Attorney until September 23rd. (1)
  • Ursiel is reserving Nero from Devil May Cry until September 24th. (1)
  • Crawly is reserving Ryunosuke Naruhodo from Ace Attorney until September 24th. (1)
  • Aeternus is reserving Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars until September 25th. (1)
  • WhichWhichIsWhich is reserving Dante from Devil May Cry until September 25th. (2)
  • Kitty is reserving Xu Xialing from Marvel Universe until September 26th. (1)
  • cake is reserving Getou Suguru from Jujutsu Kaisen until September 26th. (1)
  • Ravenna is reserving Yan Qing from Fate until September 27th. (1)
  • Dantalion is reserving Ada Wong from Resident Evil until September 27th. (1)
  • Clio is reserving Pamela Isley from DC until September 28th. (2)
  • Kipine is reserving Estinien Wyrmblood from FFXIV until September 28th. (1)
  • Jhin is reserving Thresh from League of Legends until September 29th. (1)
  • Crystal is reserving Eddie Brock/Venom from Venom until September 29th. (1)
  • Siri is reserving Raiden Shogun/Ei/"Baal"/Beelzebul from Genshin Impact until September 29th. (1)
  • Piemaker is reserving Cruella de Vil from Cruella until September 29th. (1)


If you'd like to reactive an account that was set INACTIVE during an Activity Check, fill out the form below! As a reminder, you must wait one week before you can reactivate an inactive account!

Reactivate Me, Please!Character Name:
Link to Application:

[h=7]Reactivate Me, Please![/h]
[b]Character Name:
Link to Application:[/b]

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