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hey psst, react to this for a text thread! (also comment if there's anyone in particular you're wantin')
:mad: ah hate it when they ain't been shaved :mad:
I'm not sleeping well and feeling kinda ill because of it, so posts might be rather slow. Apologies.
If anyone notices students falling off the edge of the Severed Havens over the next few days, they are fine and if they studied well, they should land in one piece :)
I'm just a simple girl, looking for a game with a playable rogue-support class and a zillion hit points.

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News Article Rise in monster attacks


Death Stranding
Human with DOOMS

November 15, November 18 & November 25th

Word has come in from the small towns and villages across Centria of a rise in monster attacks in mysterious circumstances. Reports say that the attacks always start with the town or village in question being flooded with a black, tar like substance often containing dead fish or mysterious rubble.

“The goo came from the hills. The woodland up there is dead, none of this felt natural. Felt like something other than the giant monster was within it, I mean I could of sworn something was grabbing at my ankles in the liquid, I thought I was gonna be pulled under!” One eye-witness claims from one town and their words correlate with statements from more witnesses from the other towns where attacks have occurred.

Reports state that the monsters often emerge out of the black tar like substance. Stating that the monsters are rather large of nature, black in colour with tints of gold in their bodies and have a tendency towards tentacles.

One eye-witness states “It looked a bit like a lion at first, a huge black lion! But then it’s face split open, it was like some kind of horror movie. It was a good thing that magic lady was visiting else who knows what might’ve happened to our village?” This statement is supported by many others from the attacked towns and villages, as they thank the lone heroes for their heroic efforts that saved their lives.

In all cases the towns and villages sustained only minor damage and were saved by well meaning heroes but there has yet to be given an explanation behind the rise in monster attacks or the mysterious occurrences that precede each attack.

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