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We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.
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Rumor Mill

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Rumor Mill

Want to give your character a reputation around Pandora? Look no further than the Rumor Mill, a place where you can share rumors that spread about your character! What might people hear about them in passing? Whether the rumors be true, false, or somewhere in the middle, there's always something floating around.

This can be a great resource for plotting purposes, so if you see a rumor that piques your character's interest about another character, just contact the player and get to plotting!

[b]Common Rumors[/b]
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[b]Uncommon Rumors[/b]
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[b]Hard-to-Hear Rumors (requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)[/b]
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[b]Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (but that I want you to know OOC)[/b]
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[b]Wanted for Interesting Roleplay[/b]
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Hal Jordan

DC Universe
Green Lantern
Starfleet Lt/Radioman
Chaotic Good
Relationship Status
Common Rumors
  • Hal is said to have dedicated himself to Starfleets expansion once more, with the express aim of enlarging the most technologically advanced military in all of Elysium.
  • Hal only seems to wear blue jeans. Why? We've no idea.
Uncommon Rumors
  • Hal is said to spend his days in the Captains of his Starfleet vessel singing songs and playing on a guitar as he awaits a chance to spring into action. Sources claim that the Lantern enjoys sad songs, the sadder the longer he sings them.

  • Jordan lacks a soul. It's said he sold it to the devil to get his looks and the ability to draw others in even though he's clearly an asshole.
Hard-to-Hear Rumors (requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
  • Hal Jordan rarely if ever goes home or sleeps. The man is either flying about Pandora, working or simply drinking.

  • Jordan apparently gives his General Secretarial pension and Starfleet pay, as well as a sizable portion of his personal wealth away to charities. Orphanages seem to be where most of his funds go but the man has sent donations to schools, food banks and etc.
Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (but that I want you to know OOC)
  • Hal can not survive without a conflict in his life. He's like a shark that needs to keep swimming, if there was no conflict, he'd suffocate.
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Ben Solo

Star Wars
Swole but not Whole
Hoth Topic
ok boomer
goffic disney prince
real tol
crying to mcr
Relationship Status
virgin power
I can't sleep bc I'm thinking of naruto I might as well do this too

Common Rumors

  • Officially, Kylo is employed by Starfleet doing... something, but what that is, noone except a select few know

    Dude will never been seen wearing a color that isn't black

    It is very unlikely anyone has seen his bare skin beyond his face and neck. And now that he's taken the habit of wearing his mask again, people wouldn't know what lies underneath. Maybe he's deformed! Or his whole body is burned! Or he's your long lost cousin!

    He's got some weird powers. Telekinesis is one of them, many would testify, but there's more than he's willing to talk about

    Speaking of speech, he barely talks to people. Maybe he's got a learning impairment! Maybe he has the IQ of a broccoli

    Emo broccoli has a horrible temper. And a tendency to break things

    Probs has 0 friends. Probs never kissed a girl. Or boy. Or any other sentient being.

    Judging by the bags under his eyes and general appearance, he hasn't slept since Starknet was invented

    He has a flaming sword that looks like a cross. For some cultures this is cool, for others.... extremely concerning
Uncommon Rumors

  • He must have some connections to get promoted so fast and be on the Alliance's good graces

    A buddy of mine saw him in the bathroom. He said he had an eight pack. He said he was shredded.

    Some residents of Elysium swear he used to be a lot calmer and nicer and married to a very nice girl. Had a different name too. Divorce really wrecked him huh

    He's a cult member. They worship Pandora's equivalent of Jordan Peterson, always clean their rooms and will destroy the Commune using logic because it doesn't care about their feelings

    He was in a band. They did tributes to the Cure
Hard-to-Hear Rumors (requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)

  • He gets his powers by atuning to an energy called the Force. Also by worshipping Satan

    He was once transformed into a bee. Perhaps willingly

    He's an evil sorcerer

    He's related to Elysium's grandaddy of democracy and SpaceX founder Anakin Skywalker. Which is weird bc they're nothing alike

  • He works for the secret intelligence team of the E. I. E. that rules the Alliance from the shadows ooooooo spookyyyyy
  • He probably has 1 friend

  • He is actually a little bit nicer than he appears at first glance once you get to know him, but only two people or so have gotten to know him
Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (but that I want you to know OOC)

  • There ain't no lad in the land that has a lower opinion on his person than himself. He's effectively trying to give himself a very bad time as punishment for all the things he had done

    He's aware that he has done horrible shit, but he wasn't all there when he was doing them and he can't gather the courage to stop. He doesn't need redemption madam, he's not a coupon!

    No he actually doesn't think he deserves it. He's fully convinced he deserves to burn in hell and he's prepared for it
Wanted for Interesting Roleplay

  • All yall mofos

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