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Ryan, Kevin

Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan
’I’m your partner, that means I’m with you till the wheels fall off!’

Played by Fleet

Fandom: Castle
Age: Around 30 - 33 years
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Canon Point: During the Season 4 finale, right after Esposito gets put on leave and Beckett quits
NPC Companions: N/A


Police trainingLike all the officers at the twelfth precinct Ryan got a degree in law before going to police academy where he was trained in basic self defence, fire arms and first aid, He was also educated in crime scene analysis and on how to research potential suspects. Following this Ryan spent several years in the Narcotics department of the New York police dealing with all that came with drug related crime and developed his skills further so that he could claim to be a talented detective in his own right. When he joined the homicide department his detective abilities were further strengthened thanks to the team he was put in, who were all experienced detectives in their own right but his sergeant was deemed the best detective on the force which made her a great mentor to him teaching him how best to examine a crime scene and follow a trail.

Tech whizzRyan has an affinity with technology, being able to hack into low level programs or websites and once he has access to a site or a sites record he understands what he’s reading in terms of coding to the point he can tell whether its been messed with or if any things there that could help solve the cases he's following. He’s also the man who was able to cobble together a working phone line from several broken pieces of old radio and telephone technology after an explosion, thus saving his as well as his partner's life. As well as having a general love for building technology beyond the job, suggesting it is somewhat a hobby of his.

Combat trainingWeapons handling was part of his training at police academy and was something Ryan was OK at, he never claimed to be the best shot or the best combatant but he knows his way around multiple weapons like a pistol such as his glock 17 or assault rifles. He also had basic combat training that was further improved thanks to his field work and learning on the job that has helped bring down several criminals. Ryan would not claim to be a pro-combatant but he would definitely be able to hold his own at least for a little while in a fight with an average skilled opponent.

UndercoverRight before he joined homicide Ryan spent fourteen months undercover working to destabilise an Irish drugs gang, he was skilled enough to be accepted as one as them and the only man to get a wire in without being detected. He was also the only man to get in and out without the gang getting suspicious of him. This means he is very good at becoming someone else, he knows how to keep his cool in whatever situations are thrown at him, as well as how to do things such as shake a tail, set up undetected bugs and getting people to open up to him in conversations in ways that lend him just enough information to continue to destabilise them without being detected.


Despite his combat training Ryan is much more the brains than the brawn when it comes to most operations and if he were to come face to face with someone with more training than him he would have to be a very lucky man indeed to win the fight. Ryan is also weakened by the fact he is just a fleshy mortal human, which means he has no superpowers of any kind, nor is he supernatural and he is definitely not immortal. In Pandora this could lead to a very quick death for him if stabbed, shot or beaten to a degree that the wounds are fatal. He's also used to working as a cog in part of a functioning team meaning he is at a disadvantage in Pandora where he is without the support of his team and this in itself makes him weaker.


Ryan is a very driven man in the fact he has a very defined sense of justice, he goes out everyday and see’s the worst of the world yet still wants to make it a better place. He finds his own way to go about this by being overwhelmingly nice and kind to people, all while seeking to right the wrongs of the world by putting criminals away before they hurt or kill someone. Ryan is the youngest of his team and so spends a lot of his time working to prove himself as useful as the rest of his team especially when he knows (or thinks) he has messed up. This is proven in the episode ‘Kick the Ballistics’ where he set out to catch the man who murdered someone with his stolen service weapon while not letting anything stop him from getting the truth and catching the bad guy.

Most of the time though Ryan is a charming and cheerful fellow, often joining the writer Castle in coming up with wild or exotic theories as to each case they are presented with. He’s not above good natured ribbing and teasing either, often spouting witty or sarcastic remarks which bring about a change in the mood usually for the better. He also has a habit of speaking without thinking about what he’s saying when around those he trusts which has made him the target of light hearted teasing from his team mates. On top of this he is a cited nerd often being the man on the team who understands or has claims to aspects of nerd culture and having innocent moments of fan-boying over things such as replica time machines from back to the future among other things.

Despite this when Ryan snaps he has an explosive temper and isn’t afraid of throwing his weight around when it strikes. He also has a habit of carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders even when told he needs to ease up a little and this can lead to him being reckless or self sacrificing. He is also extremely loyal and will suffer hours of torture to protect those he loves as proven in the episode ‘knockdown’ where he’s being tortured for information. He’s also been known to protect information at risk to his own career to protect his team mates and on occasion he is not afraid to make the hard choices that might lead to him being hated so long as he keeps those he cares about alive. Yet of his entire team he is the most forgiving, rarely holding grudges and only ever wanting to help people.



Kevin had long since given up the pretence that he was doing work, how could he when he could hear the raised voices coming from the Captain's office that everyone else seemed to be dutifully ignoring? It was his team who were in there, the team he'd just betrayed to save, he had not seen any other choice that would of kept his friends alive and yet he'd seen the looks on their faces, he knew that they viewed it as a betrayal. There was the sound of a door slamming open, Kate emerged first, moving towards her desk and Ryan watched her with his anxious blue gaze. The anxiety grew to be a heavy weight in his stomach as she started emptying out her desk and then there was the sound of footsteps near him, turning in his chair Ryan saw his partner moving towards him.

His gaze was dark, Javier looked past him to his desk and Ryan felt the weight become fear as he was scrambling to his feet, following after his friend as he spoke"Javi, I..." His friend was grabbing his jacket from his chair, refusing to look at him and Ryan leaned against his desk making himself try again"Javier, I had too..." But now the other man was striding away towards the lift without looking back and Ryan found himself alone on the desk watching his friends retreating form. He stayed there frozen in place, watching as Javier was joined by Kate at the lift doors and when they opened his team vanished inside. Only as the doors closed did the fear in his gut morph into frustration. I had no choice! There was no one else to call for help! If I hadn't told Gates they'd be dead! The thoughts crawled through his head and he grabbed a hole punch from his friends desk, tossing it across the room where it struck a wall with a loud thunk.

Only at the sound did he notice the other detectives eyes were now on him and he pushed off his partners desk, he moved towards his own desk to grab his jacket. Then he was moving towards the elevator, slinging the jacket on as he did so, he knew if Gates saw him he'd be in trouble but he told himself he was coming back, he just needed some air that was all. The lift doors slid open and he stepped in, pressing the button for the ground floor several times in the hope of making the old elevator move faster, but as ever it always moved slower than desired. He was lucky enough to get the thing to himself though and found himself leaning against the back wall, running his hands over his face towards his hair in an attempt to calm himself. It was in that moment that the elevators lights decided to fail, Ryan kept calm though he was used to this happening occasionally so he remained where he was leaning against the back wall.

Something was different this time though, it no longer felt like the lift was moving and Ryan could have sworn he could feel something pulling on his legs. Great, I lost my team and now I'm losing my sanity too... The thought crept through his head before he could stop it and he suddenly found it ironically amusing, a snort escaped him as he tilted his head up, resting it against the wall behind him as he closed his eyes trying to push the dark thoughts away. The next thing he noticed was that the noise level increased, he had not heard the ding of the elevator announcing its arrival at the selected floor or the doors opening, so he knew he should not be hearing the sound of lots of people. His blue eyes opened as his face twisted in confusion and the first thing that hit him was the sunlight as he very quickly realised he was not in an elevator any longer.



Sanctis Imperius
Application Division
In the Oven
Bastard (she/her)
Sentient Pastry
Not a Piemaker, oddly
Chaotic Neutral


Looks good to go, Fleet! You know where to take Kevin from here!


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