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Saigyouji, Yuyuko

Yuyuko Saigyouji

Touhou Project
Dreaming Ghost
Who knows
Permanently Retired
Chaotic Neutral
Relationship Status
Available In Spirit
I may very well have ended my days knowing nothing of my sad fate, had I lived in a world where forsaking that world was not a custom

Played by FullMoon
Fandom: Touhou Project
Age: At least 1000, looks like late teens/early 20s
Species: Ghost
Gender: Female
Canon Point: Past Hidden Star in Four Seasons
NPC Companions: None


Ghost: Yuyuko is a ghost and thus, can't be killed by conventional means. She's also capable of phasing through solid matter if she wishes to, however she does have a solid body most of the time. Finally, she's capable of teleporting short distances, usually by slowly fading out of sight and reappearing somewhere else.

Special Abilities
Inviting Death: Yuyuko has the power to bring death upon other through her will alone. Meaning that, if she so wishes, she can kill any mortal being by just wanting them dead and, due to how sudden it can be, it's nearly impossible to offer any resistance to it.

Manipulating Souls: Yuyuko can also control the souls of the departed, which often manifest as formless spirits with no real identity. She uses them as subordinates, often having them run errands for her and also having them assist her in combat. They can often be seem surrounding her.

Danmaku: The main method of combat in Gensokyo, Yuyuko typically fights by shooting barrages of ghosts, lasers and colorful butterflies at her opponents. These can hurt, but they're more for show than really threatening, as they're meant for non-lethal combat. Whenever Yuyuko uses her strongest attacks, a giant fan with a design similar to the ones she's usually seen with manifests behind her.

Yuyuko is usually seen with two paper fans with unique designs. They don't have any special powers, however, and are mostly used as merely a conduit for some of Yuyuko's attacks.


Yuyuko is a ghost, so methods that specialize in dealing with one will be very effective against her. Additionally, her physical strength is very lacking, meaning if you engage her in combat, if you can keep close to her, she becomes much easier to deal with. Her power to control souls also only works on those of dead people, being that were always spiritual in nature are not controllable by her.

While her power over death is almost absolute, it doesn't affect on immortal beings or creatures that aren't truly alive, such as the undead and robots. Yuyuko also doesn't use her power lightly, much preferring to engage in proper combat than outright killing someone, mostly because she finds it much more interesting and fun that way. Powerful spirits might also be able to resist her control over them, if they show enough willpower for it.


Content Warning

The gentle spring breeze carried the cherry blossoms away, petals dancing in the wind as the leaves of the cherry trees struggled to remain attached to them, but eventually they would fall, whether it took just a few minutes or until the change of seasons, it was the natural order for all living things to wither and die after their time was due.

"The girl who bears witness to death, at the time of the Saigyou Ayakashi's full bloom, shall be bound by mortality."

Yet, a being that completely defied that natural order walked by that garden of cherry blossom. Despite the fact that the garden, in fact, belonged to her and also that she was alone in her stroll, she carried herself with grace. Each step looking as if she was stepping upon a floor that would collapse if she were to press it too hard beneath her feet. Her eyes slowly glanced from tree to tree, watching the hypnosing sight of the leaves rustling every time a breeze passed by.

That was the ghost princess, Yuyuko Saigyouji, a soul that can never reincarnate, nor can it ever vanish, for her body is bound to a youkai cherry blossom, keeping it from ever blooming again and using it's alluring beauty to draw people towards it so it could harvest their life for itself. Yes, that very same tree had claimed the life of someone important to Yuyuko and later it claimed her body as well, which had been used to seal the tree's youkai nature away and turning it into nothing but an old, withered tree for all eternity.

"So that her soul may rest in peace within Hakugyokurou, I will seal the cherry blossoms, and make it the barrier."
How ironic was it then, that Yuyuko herself, forgetting about her past life, had decided to break the seal upon that same cherry tree? Her memories fading to the point where all she could remember was that there was someone buried under the tree. Her curiosity piqued, she decided to unseal the tree and revive the body of poor soul that had been sealed away, not knowing that such a plan was destined to fail from the very beginning.

The former mistress of the Saigyouji clan, she hadn't intended to use herself in such a way, but it seemed like someone had different plans for her. In truth, the young lady had ended her own life in fear of her own power, one that allowed her to take away the lives of other with such ease, it was a truly terrifying power that should never have been in the hands of something as capricious as a human. And so, before such power could claim lives that she had never intended to take, she took the only life she was willing to give away: her own.

"My wish... is that she will never again reincarnate, and never again suffer pain..."

A ghost living an eternal life in death, the former mistress of the Saigyouji clan was given a purpose, as her power to invite death into others also allowed her control the souls of the dead, making her the ideal person to watch over the Netherworld and keep the souls in good behavior. It was a very easy going job for someone like her and, as such, she lived a most enjoyable death accompanied of her simple-minded, yet very passionate, gardener, Youmu Konpaku.

The princess of the Netherworld, destined to always remain the same no matter how much the world around her decays. An existence that can never give life, only bring death. All she can do is watch as the world around herself keeps on living while she is forever trapped in death.

And yet, what a wonderful death it was.
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