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Sato, Toshiko

Toshiko Sato

Public Affairs Assistant
Neutral Good
Relationship Status
"it's worth the risk, to protect people."

Played by Rune

Fandom: Torchwood
Age: 34
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Canon Point: Exit Wounds, (Season 2, Ep 13), right before being shot.


Tech Genius: Tosh is known for being very skilled with all forms of technology. Machines and how they work just make sense to her. She built a sonic modulator with faulty plans, not knowing the plans were faulty, and just fixed the mistakes without realizing it to make the machine work. She's also been known to hack into almost any security system, even stating she was disappointed with how easy it was to hack into the government system and that it wasn't even a challenge. Every hack isn't an instant success, and she spent most of her work life puzzling over alien tech, but she tries her hardest to get things done with her skills.

Weapons Training: While she's not a fighting machine, Tosh has been trained how to use a gun and is a decent shot with it. She has no real hand to hand combat training experience, but is quite familiar and comfortable with hand guns, as well as some alien tech.


Tosh is a squishy, mortal human and therefore has all the squishy, mortal human weaknesses.


Due to the nature of her work, Toshiko has long since developed the habit of keeping people at arm's length. When you work for a secret government agency that hunts down aliens and alien technology that keeps you out all hours of the day and night, it becomes rather difficult to maintain any kind of honest relationship, so it just became easier not to let anyone in at all. It was helped by the fact that she has always been a bit of a private person from the start. Tosh learned from any early age that being different was frowned upon when she first proved in her classes to be quicker and smarter than most of the other children her age. Toshiko has a unique mind that thrives on puzzles and challenges. Despite the fact that her parents' jobs in the RAF meant moving around a lot, she excelled in her studies. Tosh is an incredibly intelligent woman with a mind for technology and puzzles. Sometimes it's a lot easier to turn her attentions toward work and the wonders of the world rather than attempting to navigate the hardships and complications people bring with them.

Underneath, Tosh is a very sweet, loving, and sensitive person. She has a big heart, and she cares a lot about the people she does let in. While she may not be the conventional shoulder to cry on, she does try to take care of her friends. She's less of the person to hold you while you're crying and more of the person who will come fill some space when you're alone, bringing over a pizza and drinks to try to take your mind off of it. She's an eternal optimist who believes in the good in humanity, even if she does have bouts of melancholy when hit with the heavier bits of both humanity and other life she has encountered. While she may have a harder time reaching out, one of the things Toshiko has always wanted in life is to have friends and fall in love. She's strong, loyal, determined, and not afraid to speak her mind when she knows her place with the people she's around. She also has the occasion to be stubborn, but is often easily overruled by someone she sees as an authority figure and she will stand down, even if she isn't happy about it. Still, she always strives to do what she sees as the right thing, no matter what.


Tosh wasn't sure what to do with herself. First Steve, and now Martha. Martha hadn't been joking when she said that Pandora took as it pleased, both in bringing people here and removing them. The apartment was too quiet, even after a month, and Tosh hadn't been ready to go home to it just yet. So instead, she had found herself in a bar that had almost become a regular haunt after work. She wore a simple sweater and dark jeans, with her coat spread out over the stool underneath her.

It was fairly quiet in the bar as of yet, and Tosh appreciated it as she stirred her drink with her straw and let her mind run over the things that had happened to her so far for once. She touched the necklace that she wore, a new item that had been necessary to make the writing on her face go away. A curse, apparently, though she wasn't sure who would have wanted to curse her or why. At least it was covered now, even if she couldn't ever take the necklace off again. She wouldn't; she didn't want to see the truth of things written plainly across her face as it had been.

She jumped slightly when a helmet was placed down next to her and she stared at it. It was... odd to say the least. Alcohol slowing her down slightly, it was a couple of blinks before she slowly trailed her eyes up the hands that rested on the helmet, up the arms and to the face of the owner.

"Oh!" she said softly when she registered his question, and then gestured for him to take the seat, hands flailing a little when she realized her tongue didn't want to finish the words of telling him the seat wasn't taken, he was more than welcome to sit. Her cheeks heated a little, and she looked back at her glass as he sat. Still, she couldn't help but look back over, and what she had been about to say, an apology for being awkward most likely, left her mind as she looked at his hair.

"You have some," she started, and swirled a finger in the air, pointing at his hair, where it was sticking up in odd places. She couldn't have explained why it was funny, but it made a small smile appear across her face. "Sticking up."

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