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Poster Schola Hosts Winter Ball

Wanda Maximoff

Marvel Universe
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all i do is dream of you ♡
December 14th

Who's invited?
- students, staff, alumni
- student ambassadors from associated schools*
- vetted volunteers
- and plus ones!

(*ooc note: we can bs a way for any student from any school to become a "student ambassador" as long as they're not like, a terrorist o/)

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Severen wrote on Sebastian's profile.
Howdy. Ah guess you’re mah lil‘ baby boy now.
THE MUSE IS BACK!!! kind of. it's a process alsjfhalsjfhjasf. older threads are coming to me as a bit of a struggle, but i don't plan on dropping things. ♥ that said, if any of my partners are not feeling old things, now is definitely the opportunity to let me know and we can do something brandy new instead!

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