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News Article School Teachers Found Dead


4th March

The grand opening of the Meadowlands Community School in Misty Hollow took a grisly turn when the brutalised bodies of a number of the new teachers were discovered all over the facility. Among the victims were:

Count Erik V. Blackwing:
The corpse of the English teacher was found hanging upside down in his classroom, where he had been tied by his feet and ankles to the top of the chalkboard. A wooden stake protruded from his chest, while two bloody holes marked the places where he was missing his upper canine teeth.

Roxanne Grayfoot:
The red and gummy body of a skinned wolflike humanoid was found in the Biology teacher’s science laboratory. A ragged gray pelt, stained in dried blood, was later discovered folded among the costumes in the drama hall.

Cassandra Whitehall:
In another of the science laboratories, the charred and smoking corpse of the Chemistry teacher was found tied to a support beam. Her black cat, Sooty, had also been drowned in the emergency eye wash station.

At present, we are not permitted to list the names and deaths of the other teachers due to legal claims filed by their families. (((OOC: Come join my open thread and find out what happened to them!)))

The following message was scrawled on chalkboards across the school:

We are the sunshine that burns the blood sucking parasites,
And the silver bullet to cull the beasts that howl and hunt by moonlight.

We are the sword that smites the proud reptiles of the sky,
And the cudgel to shatter the wretched corpses that walk the earth.

We are the fire that razes new monstrosities of flesh to ash,
And the ice water to drown the old crones who hunch over their bubbling cauldrons.

We are the séance to banish wicked phantoms from your homes,
And the prayers to cast horned entities back to theirs.

We are the slayers of monsters,
And the saviours of mankind.

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