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Seal for the Investigations Department!


Spencer Reid

Hey Everyone!

So I was wondering if someone would like to help create the Seal of the Department of Investigations.

This will be used on Fliers, Documents, and Posters that are issued by the Department.

I really would like it to look like an offical seal as you would normally see on an official department (think FBI, CIA, ect)

I would like it to be Circular, and for it to say something along the lines of

"Department of Investigations" or "Department of Investigations- Pandora" (Dash Doesn't need to be included)

Colors should be neutral or official- looking nothing too out of the box like lime green however I don't want to force people into a color palette so feel free to experiment.

The symbol I was thinking could be something like a dragon. Since Dragons are common throughout Pandora and seem like a good symbol. If you decide to take this up please let me know as soon as possible!

Thanks <3

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