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Mami Tomoe

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There had been an instance in the past when Adrien had lost his Miraculous, leaving Plagg in the hands of one Marinette Dupain-Cheng. But it never took longer than an hour for the Kwami to return, but now? Somehow Mami had gotten her hands on his miraculous, something that took even her by surprise. He didn’t know what to make of the situation, but for the entirety of the day, he had been unable to speak to Adrien.

So the cat kwami waited until Mami was distracted with her schoolwork to sneak off to do exactly that.

Unfortunately, she hadn’t been quite so distracted as he thought. Twisting her newfound ring around her finger as she worked, she noticed in her desk mirror a black shape disappearing through her wooden door. When Mami turned around, the kwami was nowhere to be found in her room.

It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Plagg, but she didn’t know what would happen if he wandered too far. So she left her chair, doing her best to sneakily follow the small creature. It would have been easier if not for his ability to seemingly go through objects like a ghost, but years of tracking witches had some benefit.

Mami didn’t know where Plagg was going, but she hadn’t expected it to be behind her house. She didn’t expect Adrien to be there either, speaking to the Kwami. ”Adrien, Plagg? You know each other?”

@Adrien Agreste || June 3rd, Year 110​
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