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Shidou, Hikaru

Hikaru Shidou

Magic Knight Rayearth
Magic Knight
Lawful Good
Hikaru Shidou
I promise, I will save Cephiro!

Played by Amity

Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Age: 14/Immortal
Species: Human/Pillar/Immortal
Gender: Female
Canon Point: Shortly after being chosen as the New Pillar
NPC Companions: Rayearth, The Machine God of Fire

Special AbilitiesHikaru is a fourteen year old girl who has been given something that has changed her life forever. During her school life, she was transported to a mystical land called Cephiro. Within this very land, she alongside two other girls had been given the destiny of being a “Magic Knight”. Magic Knights are legendary warriors who are granted the power of one of three elements to use against their enemies, and when danger looms ever closer, they can summon a deity called a “Rune God”. A giant robot with a mind of its own. Hikaru can manipulate the element of fire and thus her giant robot is called “Rayearth”. This god like being can take the form of a wolf, with a mane which is constantly on fire. Because of this new destiny, she was given special magical armour, and soon on her journey she learned two special magical attacks. Now these spells do not drain her stamina or anything like that, but it does take about five minutes to summon these attacks. The first spell is called “Flame Arrow”, although it is supposed to create an arrow of fire, it actually fires a beam of fire towards her opponents. Its heat matches that of the sun and has enough destructive power to match than a bunch of the explosive C4 put together.

The second spell is her strongest attack she can muster. This one is called “Ruby Lightning”. It conjures up some lightning in her hands, then fires it at her opponents, its power is stronger then her previous spell by 10%. Since this is her best attack spell, this one takes about ten minutes to summon. After becoming a full fledged Magic Knight, she now has enhanced strength, speed, durability, stamina and, her body is also in peak physical condition. Her durability has gotten to the point when she survived injuries which would have killed a normal human. At one point an attack went right through her shoulder and out the other side, and despite her injury she still fought onwards, and still lived to fight another day. Thanks to the armour she wears, she can even take energy blasts and come out unscathed. Her strength level is unknown but the girl did managed to knock the sword away from an opponent that was ten times stronger then she was, and thus it is roughly estimated about five tonnes.

Her speed and agility allowed her to dodge attacks which got to within centimetres of her body. Still she can run at roughly forty miles per hour, and is at the level between enhanced and superhuman. Stamina is roughly the same level as her durability, for example she finally collapsed after taking so many injuries, that she left a trail of blood behind her when she walked.

Now I will do my best to explain about Rayearth itself. This giant robot god, shoots a beam of light at Hikaru which transports her inside it and she become one with it. Which basically means that any injuries the robot takes, she will also experience. An example; is during a fight with another robot, Rayearth had its shoulder pierced causing Hikaru’s shoulder to have a large hole in it. Rayearth uses two weapons, the first is a gigantic sword that is identical to the one she uses, and arm shield that has a set of claws on the front of it. When it appears, she goes inside the robot itself, and whatever she does, the robot will do it as well in perfect synchronisation

Being Magic Knight, she has become one of the best sword wielders in that world. As she wields a sword that is taller then her, but it is made out of a special metal which evolved as the young teenager got stronger. Now the sword is at its most powerful form and its virtually indestructible, it is so sharp that it cut through titanium alloy as if it was nothing.

One special event happened in Cephiro which made her change forever. The land of Cephiro constantly relies on a god like being called “The Pillar”. This is a immortal person that constantly keeps the land going, in other words its an eternal battery which powers the life force of the world. This being cannot be killed and can never age, but it was said that the Magic Knights have the power to kill the Pillar. After Emeraude the Pillar of Cephiro was corrupted by evil, they slew her and managed to return home to Tokyo. A few months later, they returned to the magical world to help find a suitable replacement to become the next Pillar of the world. After countless battles, the world itself chose Hikaru to become the new Pillar.

Then she found herself brought to Pandora. The Magic Knight of Flames is now an immortal goddess and thus can never die or age, she is also immune to all known diseases and toxins known to man.

Hikaru’s magic is based off of willpower, for the more she believes in herself, the stronger she becomes. An example of this was when she fought against her other part of her soul which was called Nova, when they first fought against each other, Nova had the upper hand. In their last battle, Hikaru grew so strong then she blocked all of Nova's attacks as if they were nothing. This increase of power can increase her spells and physical stats by ten percent, and lasts until the battle ends. Rayearth used to exist in another dimension while Hikaru was in Cephiro, but after coming to Pandora, he now lives inside her heart, and can be summoned by calling her sword and lifting it high into the air, there she calls out the name of her Rune God as it comes out of her heart and appears before her. It is higher then tall buildings. Finally she is a master swordswoman.

Sword: This weapon was forged using an indestructible metal called Escudo. It is a special sword that evolved as its wielder grew stronger in mind and body. The sword cant be destroyed.

Magic Armour: This armour was created by a powerful spell. Like the sword, it also evolved as Hikaru grew in strength and power. Now it is at its final form, which consists of a red, white and gold armoured dress which flows down to about her waist, followed by white gloves, white boots with a ruby just on top, red and gold shoulder pads, a red and gold crown and finally a crimson red oversized cloak. This flows down from the shoulder pads and flows down across the floor. Its size and length easily close around her entire body completely, if she wanted it to do so.

NPC's Abilities
Rayearth is an immortal machine god. Despite its large size, it is quite agile. It is capable of flying with wings and can fly at a speed of Mach 3. Its attacks and spells are the ones that Hikaru uses. Both her and Rayearth become one during fights. it also possesses giant robot strength, speed, agility, stamina and durability. Being a Rune God, it is an immortal like Hikaru, and can never be destroyed.


Hikaru is a mighty warrior, but she possesses several weaknesses. The first is that her spells are all fire based, so using ice against her will nullify her spells, and thus make her only rely on her sword skills. Another weakness is that she tends to care more about her friends than herself and will use it to shield herself against anyone nearby that is vunerable to attack. Thus if someone attacked her friends, she will literally use her body as a shield to take the blow instead of her ally. People with better sword skills and bigger strength will also be able to overpower her attacks, thus making her an easier target.

Opponents with superhuman speed can easily catch her off guard, which will make the girl a sitting duck. Rayearth has one major weakness and that it its size, as it towers over buildings without any problems, so attacks can easily hit him, but it has to be stronger ,more powerful spells or attacks to effectively damage the giant robot god. As stated above, Hikaru’s magic is based off of willpower, so should her confidence be knocked or dented a bit, then her magic will simply stop all together, which will stop Hikaru from using magic. One way of knocking her confidence down is either with telepathic suggestion or hypnotic suggestion, by using illusions.


Hikaru is a hyper active yet kind girl who lives life to the fullest. She is also quite a tomboy, and yet possesses a kind heart and a fierce determination. After coming to the land of Cephiro, it was said that she had the strongest willpower that the land had ever seen, as it was a world where a strong willpower can practically do anything. In truth, the young Magic Knight would often push her body to the limits and would always put her friends first before anything, including her own body. Another thing about her is that she hates all things evil and would do what she can to fight against anyone or anything that threatens her or the peace of the world. It is unknown if she has any phobias except that she is scared of one thing….Being alone.

Rayearth is a sentient machine god that has a personality which matches that of an honourable knight during the times of knights and dragons, he speaks the ancient language, using words like “Thy and “Thou” quite a bit. Despite this, he possesses wisdom of about a thousand years, and will do anything it can to protect its wielder Hikaru, and any innocent people. The two of them are basically in a partnership and combat evil together.


Please see Signature Gif


*Was born in Tokyo and lived with three brothers.
*Family ran a Kendo school
*Loved her pet Hikari
*Went to Tokyo Tower as part of her school trip and first met Umi and Fuu
*Got teleported to Cephiro with the other two she met
*Met Master Mage Clef who gave them armour and magic
*Learned of her destiny to become Magic Knights
*Overcame many obstacles and met Presea a magical blacksmith
*Was given a quest to find Escudo, the indestructible ore
*Went on journey with temporary weapons and found the special ore.
*Returned to Presea but watched as she died at the hands of a monster
*With their new weapons, they slew the monster and avenged Presea
*Went on another journey with a creature called Mokona, and learned about the Rune Gods
*Fought many battles and unlocked more spells and power as they swords and armour evolved
*Formed a sisterly bond with Umi and Fuu
*Defeated the evil Zelgado's minions one by one, until finally they revived the machine deities and became Magic Knights
*Killed Zelgado and freed the Pillar of Cephiro
*Killed Princess Emeraude as she turned evil and nearly destroyed the world
*Went back home, but felt sad for killing the one who sent for them
*Nova was born after Hikaru felt so sad about killed Princess Emeraude.
*Had dreams of an evil empress and of a girl who looked like Hikaru
*Came back to Cephiro and learned that it was dying as a new Pillar had to be chosen to sustain it
*Fought against two different factions that wanted to invade Cephiro and become the next Pillar
*Met Lantis, the brother of Zelgado, and soon fell in love with him
*Got severely injured in battle, and was kidnapped by Eagle Vision, the commander of one of the two factions who wanted to become the next Pillar
*Fell in love with Eagle Vision as well, but soon fought against the true enemy
*Fought against Nova, and finally become one with her once again. Thus Hikaru was back to her old self.
*Cephiro chose Hikaru to become the next Pillar and thus became a goddess, but soon afterwards, black tentacles appeared and pulled her into Pandora.


High above in the heavens the sky slowly turned to pure gold. Glimpses of red and orange also appeared, there, rising from the ground slowly, was the burning power of the sun as dawn was breaking, to signal the start of a brand new day. The colours of red, gold and orange slowly disappeared without a trace leaving a bright sea of blue sky to fill the Heavens within its peaceful serenity, pure snow white clouds loomed over the blue sea like sky as though boats and ships traversed its calm nature. The magnificent grace of the sun shone brightly like a crystal clear ruby and shone its warm rays down across the beautiful creations of Nature itself, trees, plants, grass, flowers and rivers basked in its glory. High above within the very realms of cloud and sky, a figure fell from the heavens, the girl had red hair which was done into a pony tail, as she fell unconsciously towards the ground.

All was nothing but darkness for the girl, but soon her body glowed with power. Just then a giant shadow appeared and gently grabbed the figure, as it flew down to the ground. As the sun revealed its true appearance, the giant red robot landed with a thud that shocked the ground, due to planting of both of its gigantic feet. Slowly but surely the large mechanical robot lowered its hand and gently placed the figure onto the ground, then without a moment to lose the metal giant disappeared, as it headed back inside the red gem on her armour. At first her eyes fluttered slightly, but within seconds, Hikaru opened her eyes. Blurry vision soon came and yet it disappeared as her eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight of the beautiful day. Pondering about what had happened, she stood up to her feet and sighed, upon brushing herself down, she gazed around at her surroundings only to notice something….Where was Umi and Fuu? Upon worrying for her dear sisterly like friends, she called out.

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Hikaru Shidou

Magic Knight Rayearth
Magic Knight
Lawful Good
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Welcome back to Pandora, Hikaru! She looks good, Amity! Have fun with her <3​

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