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"This world is filled with too many unreasonable things. I accept all those who will stand against such inequalities."

Played by Dantalion

Fandom: Magi
Age: 19
Species: Human (Parthevian)
Gender: Male
Canon Point: Chapter 181 of Sinbad no Bouken - immediately after conquering Crocell's Dungeon
NPC Companions: His Djinns: Baal, Valefor, Zepar, Furfur, Focalor, Vepar, and Crocell who live in his metal vessels. Inside his soul/rukh lives Serendine and some of the other citizens of Sindria who died when Parthevia attacked.


Regular Abilities Magoi & Rukh
In simplest terms, Rukh functions as two things: Solomon's (god) will that exists as fate, and the soul within a person. In his world, it is invisible to all but Magicians and Magi, who are people who can actually "communicate" with the Rukh to perform magic, despite it existing in everything in his world. Because of the Rukh, humans like Sinbad have Magoi, which is like pure energy that's made by the Rukh and contained within the body. Sinbad himself has been noted as having more Magoi than any other person in his world, and he is capable of limitedly using it. By using Magoi, he can use Equips and Magoi Manipulation.

Magoi Manipulation
Magoi Manipulation allows Sinbad to use his Magoi to counteract the energy in another person's body. If they were attempting to use a spell or magic item of any sort, this technique would cancel it if he used it on their person or the object. Additionally, Magoi Manipulation can be used in offensive ways by dealing internal damage to the body. If Sinbad were to strike someone and flood their body with Magoi Manipulation, then it could be potentially fatal. Likewise, Magoi Manipulation can be used to reinforce the power behind a sword or blow, making it much stronger.

First Class Singularity of Fate
Sinbad is a person who is described as a "singularity". Essentially, he is loved by the Rukh and he is able to actually see the Great Flow of destiny, something that even Magicians in his world are unable to see. It's been depicted as streams of light through the sky, and essentially, he can read destiny to help guide himself. This makes it easier for him to find the right path and make better decisions, but not always. This isn't reading the future and fate has a tendency to be very tricky. There are unseen bends in the "river", basically. That said, this ability isn't unlike what David was capable of, who was able to read "phenomena of the future". Since the Pantheon exists in Pandora, he can still read fate and destiny.

King Vessel Metal Vessels
What it is
A metal vessel is a metallic object in which a Djinn lives in. After a King's Vessel captures a Dungeon (thus becoming a Dungeon Capturer), the Djinn chooses that person as their King. They are basically bound together and the Djinn shall live in a piece of metal that their King is most accustomed to. Because the Djinn is bound to that King Vessel, Metal Vessels can be used only by that person. If other people attempted to use them, they would be left with a normal weapon or a mundane piece of metal. However, when a King does use their Metal Vessel, they can access the magic of the Djinn within it. A Solomon's Star (a circle with an eight-pointed star inside it) appears whenever magic through the Metal Vessel is used. Another unique aspect regarding a Metal Vessel's magic is its ability to absorb energy from the environment. If the Djinn uses Fire Magic, then its Metal Vessel can absorb pre-existing sources of fire, for example.

Weapon Equip
This could be described as the "second-level" of a Metal Vessel. A dungeon capturer essentially surrounds the Metal Vessel with their Magoi and compresses it so that it transforms into the Djinn's weapon. When this occurs, the transformation of the weapon could affect the hands and arms of the King Vessel. This form basically focuses the Djinn's power rather than simply blasting it out.

Djinn Equip
A Djinn Equip uses the same principle of a Weapon Equip, but the King Vessel applies it to their whole body instead. They use their Metal Vessels to become one with their Djinns, thus achieving their Djinn Equip. It is their most powerful form and it allows them to use devastating magical attacks. As with the other forms of the Metal Vessel, the King can only use that Djinn's form of magic, but now they can also fly at high speeds. And people like Sinbad, who has more than just one Djinn, are capable of switching between their Djinn Equips without deactivating one first.

Household Members
Household Members are people who either helped a King Vessel capture a Dungeon or they had formed a strong connection with the King Vessel. Once either requirement is met, a familiar of the Djinn will appear and enter a piece of metal that is important to them (jewelry, weapon, etc), granting them a Household Vessel. However, they cannot be a Magician (as in they actively can use magic, not that they have magical energy within them) prior; due to the nature of the Djinn's magic, it would clash too much with the person's pre-existing magic. In Pandora, it is possible for someone to join Sinbad's household, but only if they fit those criteria.

There are two stages to a Household Vessel. The first is the basic use of the Household Vessel whose power depends on that of the Djinn's and how it is used. Regardless of how it's used, the Household Vessel will consume energy to perform the magic. The second level is called Assimilation. In basic terms, the Household Member fuses their body with the Djinn's familiar and become less human. While they are granted great power (including the ability to change their size to become gigantic), the process cannot be reversed unless the Household Member or their King were to die.

Djinns Baal
Baal is the Djinn of Wrath and Heroes and uses Lightning Magic. He resides in Sinbad's sword and is easily his most powerful Djinn due to his sheer, raw power. If Sinbad were to use the Metal Vessel as it is, he can enhance the strikes of his sword by coating it in lightning. He can also use the sword to blast nearby enemies. Even if he doesn't have his hand directly on the sword, he was capable of accessing its magic.

When using Baal's Weapon Equip, Sinbad can use even more powerful forms of lightning magic, like summoning gigantic thunderbolts to strike his enemies.

Finally, there is Baal's Djinn Equip, which is when Sinbad is at his most powerful. In this form, Sinbad can unleash devastating lightning attacks ranging from small blasts of lightning to a beam of electricity that destroyed a mountain range.

Shown Spells
  • Bararaq: Sinbad summons a lightning bolt from the sky. At its weakest form, it can blast through multiple floors of a building and nearly break the shield of a defensive Metal Vessel. At its strongest, it can create a giant explosion.
  • Bararaq Saiqa: Sinbad summons lightning from the sky, stores it within his sword, and then blasts it at his chosen target. Using this spell, Sinbad was able to wipe out a mountain range and create a canyon in Heliohapt.

Valefor is the Djinn of Falsehood and Prestige and is a Water Djinn who uses Ice Magic. He resides in Sinbad's golden necklace and is his second Djinn.

Valefor's power is called Stagnation, which is the ability to stop molecules and restrict a substance's movement. It's because of this ability that Sinbad can use Valefor's metal vessel to create snow and ice. The variability of this power range from creating shards of ice to attack his opponents with to literally freezing the air in people's lungs so that they suffocate.

While there has been no Weapon Equip shown with Valefor, Sinbad can achieve Valefor's Djinn Equip. Unlike with Crocell and Baal, Valefor's weapon is actually the eyes in the palms of Sinbad's hands. It's through these eyes that he uses Stagnation. Using this form, Sinbad can unleash the most powerful form of Stagnation: to slow down living organisms. By applying it to living targets, Sinbad slows down the molecules in their body to the point that they barely move. He can even slow down their thoughts so they don't even realize that they have been affected by his magic.

Shown Spells

Zepar is the Djinn of Souls and Puppetry and uses a form of magic called Sound Magic. He resides in Sinbad's ring on his left middle finger and, like Valefor, there is no shown Weapon Equip.

When using Zepar's Djinn Equip, Sinbad can use Sound Magic in two ways. He can create vibrations in the air capable of slicing things up, or to even shatter things. The second way is to use sound magic to command people, usually by telling their spirit to go to sleep. He does so by screaming, which makes the Solomon's Star on his tongue visible.

There is one additional thing Sinbad can do that requires him to put someone to sleep using Zepar's power: mind-control. Using Zepar's magic, he can force his Rukh into another person's body with that special sound wave and effectively control their body. He doesn't need Zepar's Djinn Equip active to do so, and it can last quite a while. He can see through their eyes, hear through their ears, and actively use their body as a puppet to speak through. When Sinbad does control their body, they won't actually remember what they did nor realize that they are being controlled.

Shown Spells
  • Hadeir: Sinbad screams at an opponent using Zepar's Sound Magic. The result is Sinbad being able to speak into a person's mind, which seemingly results in them hallucinating to a degree as he tries to try to influence the way they think. However, a strong enough will or conviction can overpower the effects that Hadeir has on their mind.

Furfur, Sinbad's fourth Djinn, is the one of Ecstasy and Rending Darkness. While never explicitly stated, it's suggested that Furfur's magic is Light Magic (both from the nature of his spells and the name rending darkness). There is little defined about Sinbad's abilities regarding Furfur, but it is known that they reside in Sinbad's silver necklace.

Sinbad's Furfur's Djinn Equip can concentrate balls of energy in the palms of his hands and throw it at opponents. Another spell Sinbad can use in this Djinn Equip is creating many beams of light. Basically, he creates magic circles in the air that then shoot down lasers at his targets. Such attacks were capable of tearing up rock and leaving craters in the dirt.

Focalor is the Djinn of Rule and Submission and personally uses Wind Magic. His Metal Vessel is Sinbad's silver right bracelet. His magic is extremely straightforward - using Focalor, Sinbad can use wind magic.

Focalor's Djinn Equip allows Sinbad to create powerful tornados in the palms of his hands, which is where Solomon's Star is located. He can control the wind, basically, and this control ranges from creating bursts of air to attack his enemies to surrounding himself in a protective ball of wind.

Shown Spells
  • Foraz Zora: Sinbad creates twin tornadoes in the palms of his hands, though what he does from there depends on the scale of damage he is aiming for. At their weakest, he just uses the two tornadoes separately, but he can combine them to create a gigantic one.

There is little to no information regarding Vepar - not even the type of Magic that she uses is stated. Her Metal Vessel is identified as the black-stoned ring Sinbad wears on his left index finger. What is known about her powers is that by using Vepar's Djinn Equip, Sinbad can use magic that relates to swords.

Shown Spells
  • Vepar Istelah: Sinbad summons a thousand swords to rain down from the sky.

Like Vepar, there is little known about Crocell and his abilities. He resides in Sinbad's golden bracelet, which he wears on his left wrist. Out of his seven Djinn, only Crocell and Baal have proper weapons, with Crocell's being that of a long saber. It's highly likely that with it he can perform a Weapon Equip since it is an actual sword in his hands. When using Crocell's Djinn Equip, a ring of balls of fire surrounds him, suggesting that Crocell uses Heat (Fire) Magic.

NPCs Serendine and the Souls
Basically Serendine and the souls of a lot of Sindria citizens merged with Sinbad's. It has no effects other than that Serendine's Djinn, Zepar, was transferred to Sinbad. While he can't communicate with them, they can show him what's basically a reel of their lives in his dreams.

Djinns never actually leave their respective Metal Vessels (it takes more energy than even Sinbad has) but they can appear to Sinbad in certain circumstances. For example, he saw Baal when entering another person's soul and they frequent his dreams.


Magoi and Magic
As previously explained, Magoi is a source of energy within Sinbad's body. While it is pure energy, it is also essentially his life-force. If he were to excessively use his Magoi, or if something was done to his body that it cannot hold onto its Magoi, then he can end up hurting himself extensively. It begins with exhaustion and general body strain, but it can lead to Sinbad bleeding out of his eyes and mouth and his veins becoming more pronounced (otherwise referred to as Magoi Exhaustion). The more severe side-effects include going into a coma and shortening his own lifespan, and completely depleting his source of Magoi will ultimately kill him.

Magoi Cap
Since coming to Pandora, the Pantheon had effectively restricted the amount of Magoi that he can use for his spells. Extreme Magic spells, which are his most powerful, cannot be used at all. Sinbad can only use his Bararaq or Foraz Zora spells at their most powerful rather limitedly due to his Magoi cap. Any use of Bararaq Saiqa would lead to intense Magoi Exhaustion.

While Sinbad is able to read destiny and see its flow, it isn't exact. There are bends that he can't account for, and it isn't precise at all. While he was able to use this ability to lead ships out of fearsome storms and guide his parents to safety during a volcanic eruption, he couldn't predict his enslavement for example. It's not a perfect ability, essentially, and over-dependence and arrogance have led to his downfall in the past.

For as powerful as Sinbad is, he is ultimately human. While he can take a bigger beating than most when in his Djinn Equips, he can still be killed. Any attacks that could fatally kill a person can fatally kill Sinbad. He's far from immortal and does end up getting killed at one point in his life before being revived by a divine entity. If he were to lose a limb outside of his Djinn equip, then it's gone. Cut off his head and it's guaranteed that he'll die. He can fall prey to illness and poisons as well. The only exception is that if he were to have fingers or limbs cut off in a Djinn Equip, they will grow back instantly after switching or deactivating it.

Black Rukh is the product of a person who defies their fate or tries to fight against it. It becomes a cycle in which it is born from malice, hatred, and despair and continues to fuel it. Once a person's Rukh changes, they have fallen into depravity. Sinbad himself is half fallen - half of his soul is stained black. While not fully explained, the split nature of his Rukh puts a great burden on his body, though not in a way that others can physically see it. Currently, there is a spell in place on his body that keeps his black rukh from basically tearing him apart from the inside out, but it's his only line of defense.

Damaged Metal Vessels
As powerful as Metal Vessels are, they can be broken. If the Metal Vessel's Solomon's Star destroyed then it becomes unusable. Additionally, they can be snapped, shattered, or even melted if enough force is applied to it. After that point, then the Metal Vessel would no longer function. However, if either were to occur, then the King Vessel can switch the Djinn to a new piece of metal. They simply would need to find another one that they are accustomed to, to the point that it's almost a part of their body.

Zepar's magic, while useful, has its limits. Sinbad has a hard limit on the number of people he can control - just three. Any more would be stretching his Magoi too thin. A lot of his spells, due to their nature of being sound waves, has a tendency to affect everyone in the general vicinity to a degree. Another downside, again to the nature of the magic, is that a person can protect themselves pretty easily by just covering their ears before the scream happens. Also, without permission from the other party, Sinbad's mind-control abilities won't work on other characters.

Broken Ace
To an extent, Sinbad hates what he has become. He started off despising manipulative adults who used others... only to become a manipulative adult who uses others if he deems it necessary. He recognizes this in himself and it tears him apart, to the point that he's literally half-fallen into depravity. He offers ultimatums of either "do this" or die; when he deems a person or organization as not worth existing, he goes out of his way to utterly annihilate them, and so on and so forth. So while he is a kind man, the justice he dishes out is extremely brutal. Not only that, Sinbad is still affected by all the trauma he went through - becoming a slave, months of torture, and watching his country get annihilated and purged by the Parthevia empire. Because of it, he's teetering on the edge of alcoholism, he over-indulges in sex to the point that his general threatens to put a chastity belt on him, and often cannot sleep.


"I’ll do whatever I have to do to make it happen. This is my sin… This is the path I chose for myself. I’ll keep pushing forward no matter how soiled my hands become. This is my destiny.”

When Sinbad first began his adventure at the tender age of fourteen, he was a naive young boy with great dreams. While on the surface he is still that shining figure who practically glows with confidence, prestige, power, and kindness, many things have changed in those six years. The reality of life and the many tribulations he has suffered through have forced him to grow up. While he still has a big heart and dreams of changing the world into that of a better one, Sinbad has accepted that he will do morally questionable things in order to do so.

There's no doubt that he carries himself with a kingly air; his charismatic smile, his gentle gestures, his bold voice - all of it are the hallmarks of a true leader. In the presence of others, Sinbad never buckles under the weight. His head is held tall even as armies march to his doorstep - but that isn't so on the inside. Self-hatred, guilt, and doubt wrack his conscious. As much as he believes in his destiny, that is his destiny to destroy destiny, there are times that Sinbad's faith in what he's doing is shaken. Powerful as he may be, he is ultimately a man. And one whose hands have been soiled in the pursuit of his ambitions. He created a country to exemplify freedom, equality, peace, and justice, but the unforeseen cost were the lives of hundreds of people, including four of the people who had mattered dearly.

As fair and good as Sinbad tries to be, he ultimately does things that are far from right. While he has never actively purged people or experimented on people, he overlooked such travesties in order to secure the elimination of a king who was. He even controls the minds of people in order to stay one step ahead of the world's enemies. What is better? To respect the boundaries and secrets of a person's mind, or to encroach on that right in order to prevent wars? Should he manipulate those around him in order to ensure that peace continues? It's not only his work but his guilt that keeps Sinbad from sleeping at night.

Like any good ruler, he does his best to rely on his comrades. There is no question that he treats both his Eight Generals and his people, the citizens of Sindria, with kindness and love. To him, he loves nothing more - but he still cannot trust them. Even if Sinbad labels himself as an innovator, and even though he pushes himself to move on from the past, it still clings to him. The day Parthevia attacked the original island of Sindria was the day that Sinbad stopped fully trusting in his loved ones. It's because so many of the people who he saw as his family were killed in the purge that he no longer cannot see them as strong no matter how much he cares for them. And despite how much Sinbad can loathe and doubt himself, he is still convinced of his destiny to protect others. As a Singularity, he has always been keenly aware of the flow of destiny and thus recognizes both the emptiness it leaves in a person -the chains it binds a person with- and the duty he has to fulfill it. To rip it apart and change the world it dictates to ensure no more tragedies such as war, poverty, suffering, and slavery ever befalls the people of the world again.

While many kings take queens, Sinbad is far from the sort. He is married to himself, which entails all of his work, responsibilities, and duties. While there comes a day where he sheds all it all but his ambitions to become the selfish, greedy innovator that he truly is at heart, Sinbad carries those weights on his shoulders. But all work and no play makes Sinbad a dull boy. He plays the act of a carefree fool not only so others underestimate him, but so that he can enjoy what he can out of his life. Even though he can't smile as vibrantly anymore, he still is the type of person to smile. Not only that, he loves to indulge himself in sins of the flesh - to the point that even his most stoic of generals threaten to put him in a chastity belt. Sex isn't the only thing that Sinbad enjoys - he loves alcohol. It's a habit he picked up from the old king of Balbadd, but it also does a lot to soothe his nerves.


Sinbad looks pretty close to how he does as an adult in the original series, just younger by a few years. He stands around 6'0" and five years of exploring dangerous environments and fighting has built him up. There are scars around his neck, wrists, and ankles from when he was locked up as a slave that hasn't entirely faded yet. He typically dresses in a merchant outfit, though Sinbad does enjoy dressing in a kingly manner - such as long robes, jewelry, turban, and the likes.

While Sinbad looks completely human most of the time, he does change shape (and sometimes size) whenever he uses a Djinn Equip.


Sinbad was born in the small village of Tison in the Parthevia Empire. His mother, Esra, was a stay-at-home housewife while his father, Badr, was a retired veteran who worked as a fisher. Throughout his childhood, they always had a hand-to-mouth lifestyle. Whatever Badr caught and didn't sell was what they lived out. While they were well-standing members of their community, their reputation plummeted when Parthevia went to war with Reim. Badr and his family refused to contribute to the war effort, marking them as expatriates and making them enemy number one in the village.

While Sinbad was still a very young child, he found a collapsed man by the water-well. His family gave the man shelter and food while he healed, only for them to discover that he was a spy for Reim. He took Sinbad hostage in hopes of escaping the village but was taken down by Badr. Due to the fact that they house an enemy of the empire, Badr, who was missing a leg from the last war, was forcibly sent to the front-lines. Shortly thereafter, only his sword was sent home.

Baal was the first dungeon to have appeared in modern history in Sinbad's world. By the time Sinbad was fourteen, over ten thousand soldiers entered it and not a single one has ever come out of it. When he was conscripted into the next army to explore its depths, Sinbad ended up going into the dungeon anyways and separate from the army in hopes of getting its unknown power for himself. Long-story-short, he gained Baal's power, was labeled an enemy of Parthevia when he refused to hand it over to the king, and then fled on a small boat to travel the world.

In the five years that passed since that, a lot of things happened to Sinbad. He found a mother-figure in Rurumu and created lifelong bonds with newfound friends. He built a trading company from the ground up with the help of his benefactor, a king of Balbadd. He created alliances with isolationist kingdoms, wrote books on his life, and within years became a powerful merchant. But things spiraled when he became Maader's slave. He was chained, tortured, and broken down till only a husk was left; while he managed to recover from that trauma, Sinbad wasn't the same following that.

That was a turning point in his life. While he managed to buy an island from the Parthevia Empire to create Sindria, things continued to down spiral. He was brainwashed by Serendine (a close friend of his), he had to leave the people of his hometown to die after being brutally experimented on - all in the pursuit of creating a country where people could be free and happy. Yet the day it was announced, Serendine used him to declare war on Parthevia; while it shocked Barbarossa, its leader, he was already prepared to march in his army to carry out a purge of Sindrian citizens. That day Sinbad lost five of his closest people and watched his country sink into the seas because of Barbarossa. No one but its handful of survivors new of its fate.

He ended up disappearing for a year to train, in which he learned Magoi Manipulation. He finally returned home to the Trading Company, reforged his friendships with the members of his alliance -the Seven Seas Alliance- and finally killed Barbarossa for all that he had done. Afterward, he found a remote mountain island in the Southern Sea, used Baal to create a hollow space to build Sindria within it, and began the foundations to create the Kingdom of Sindria anew.


As the Treasure Room disappeared in a burst of light, leaving Sinbad with only gigantic bags of treasure. The magic circle beneath his feet glowed brightly, matching the swirl of energy that existed just beyond its borders. It was not the first time that a dungeon had split up his party, though never before had he been left on his lonesome in such a manner. In a way, the quietness of the air was soothing. It helped Sinbad relax as he finally allowed himself to sit down and lean back against one of the two bags.

He lifted his left hand over his head and watched the way the golden bracelet glittered. A string of beads hung from his wrist, twisting which way and that at every small movement. It was purely a product of his own imagination, but the accessory now felt heavier with the Djinn now living within it. Crocell was the being's name, a figure who was more tiger than human; though, it seemed like a lot of Djinns didn't resemble humans. But there was one thing that was nagging at him even in his pursuit of relaxation: Crocell would be the last Djinn he earns.

Sinbad had a pretty good idea as to what the Djinn meant with his words. Yet a part of him he was caught up on the what-ifs of the statement. Would he be barred from entering Dungeons completely? Of course, such a limit wasn't exactly a grievance given what he had already. He had more Djinns than any other King Vessel by far, and enough power that even Reim acknowledged his status as a self-made king. He went from a measly sailor who made a few silver coins per day to quite literally sitting in the lap of luxury. In essence, Sinbad had transformed himself into the very picturesque image of a King.

Yet as he stared at the palm raised over his eyes, doubt churned in his gut. His generals weren't around to watch the smile slip off of his face. His focus had shifted from the golden adornment to the rings that sat on his fingers. Zepar's, in particular, stared back accusingly as if daring his thoughts to broach memories he had buried months ago. But what good would that do? Mystras was dead. Rurumu has long been buried. Vittel and Mahad only existed in the memories of the generals who had survived. Few recalled the venomous spider princess of Parthevia. Dwelling any further on that day would only cause misery to hook its claws deeper into his Rukh.

So Sinbad simply closed his eyes. He dropped his jewelry-adorned hand onto his stomach and rolled over. The "floor" was a much softer surface to rest his head upon than his newfound treasure. Over the past few years sleep came poorly to him, so the flask that he hid beneath his robes did its job well to make heavier his eyelids. What would he dream of tonight? His soiled hands of a destiny he could not see the end of or the memories of people long dead?

By the time blackened vines encircled Sinbad like heavy chains, he was too dead to the world to notice.

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Added a section about his status as a Singularity (being able to see and "read "fate) and included its weaknesses in the proper section. I also updated a broken link to the "Bararaq" spell!

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