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Open Smol AHS Poll! (AHS 1984 spoilers)

Which AHS character?

  • Lavinia Richter

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Montana Duke

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • Sister Mary Eunice

    Votes: 3 42.9%

  • Total voters


let our troubles fade out into the night
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Okay, I've become seriously obsessed with this show again! ...that's basically it.

Lavinia Richter

  • a 40s war widow and a mother who killed a cabin full of counsellors at a summer camp after they let her favourite son die unsupervised in a lake
  • almost murdered her other, very unfavourite son but he fatally stabbed her first
  • spends her time as a ghost drifting around in the white nightgown she died in, vengeful and heartbroken over losing her son
  • also helped ruin her surviving's child's life by turning him into a famed serial killer by convincing another camper to repeat history 30 years later in the same place and blame him for it
  • will probably not hesitate to harass and kill you if you come across her unless you remind her of her lost son
  • also has some knowledge of satan

Montana Duke

  • a former aerobic instructor who swore revenge on a bride after her brother, the best man was killed at a wedding.
  • was pretty blasé about murder and gore even before she died and hooked up with a serial killer, planning to get the bride alone at the summer camp and have him off her.
  • ...then tried to do it herself and failed miserably.
  • acts like she doesn’t care about anything - she really doesn't, unless she does
  • is very confident, aggressive and forward
  • enjoys sex a lot and talking about it
  • now a ghost who kills people just because she can…but secretly because she hopes it’ll fill the void inside of her, one that ghosts in ahs all seem to have.
  • will either kill or hook up with you (…and then still maybe kill you)
  • bonus points if you say you love the 80s, are from the 80s or, ironically, have any cool modern stuff, like cell phones
  • IS redeemable...but that's a long way off yet

Sister Mary Eunice

  • well i played her before, but third time’s the charm right?!
  • a once innocent nun who was possessed by satan himself
  • tried to move in the church via taking over an asylum and manipulating the monsignor and basically fucking up everyone else
  • deadly and intelligent and uses mary’s sweet angelic form to its advantage
  • will try to take over pandora but start off small this time and build their way up
  • still would love an eventual arc where mary is free of possession...maybe not permanently though

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