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hey psst, react to this for a text thread! (also comment if there's anyone in particular you're wantin')
:mad: ah hate it when they ain't been shaved :mad:
I'm not sleeping well and feeling kinda ill because of it, so posts might be rather slow. Apologies.
If anyone notices students falling off the edge of the Severed Havens over the next few days, they are fine and if they studied well, they should land in one piece :)
I'm just a simple girl, looking for a game with a playable rogue-support class and a zillion hit points.

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News Article Social Media Star Declares War On Spiderman

Heather Chandler

December 1st-25th[/CENTER]
These can be plot threads, discussion threads or roleplay threads.[/SIZE][/blockquote]

The Winter Season is always a somewhat joyous time in Pandora, particularly for those in the more densely populated areas. In recent years. It has become something of a festive tradition for residents of Pandora to wake up Christmas morning to find a wrapped gift and a personalized note from “Your friendly neighbourhood spiderman”. for some, it’s a much needed pick me up on a cold winter’s day. To others a reminder of a much-beloved yule time tradition and the family and friends they used to share it with.

...But this year all that might end.

Outspoken and controversial “Influencer” Heather Chandler recently uploaded a video on Starknet claiming, that not only has she hired personal security to patrol various locations throughout Pandopolis with the express purposes of catching the web-slinger in the act, but she will offer a cash reward to anyone that can bring her, the much-beloved hero’s mask.

The exact amount has been left purposely vague but one can assume with her near meteoric rise to become the reigning controversy queen of social media with even rumours of her own fashion line being released in Pandora, it certainly wouldn’t be a stretch to say that, her pockets run deep.

When asked to comment on this Miss Chandler was not shy discussing her reasons

“So what, this freak can come into homes in the middle of the and everyone’s just ok with it?! Does anyone even know where he hets all that crap from? Because he’s clearly been stealing it. This guy probably just steals something from one house and wraps it up, and boom; there’s next door’s gift. I’m just doing my civic duty, protecting everyone from some weirdo dressed in a bondage mask sneaking into their house and smelling their hair. That’s what we're dealing with here; a grade-A pervert that no one has the guts to stand up to, except me! I’m I a hero? Hero is such a strong word….But yes, absolutely.”

Our reporters attempts to explain to Miss Chandler that the Spiderman was well known in the community for being remarkably helpful and displayed none of these characteristics fell on deaf ears;

“That’s what they said about John Wayne Gacy”

When asked if she had a message for children that might miss out on getting anything for christmas , because of her actions

“Yeah I got a message; grow up. the spiderman is a pervert and Santa isn’t real, and you can quote me on that; In fact. Do it. I refuse to sign off on this interview unless you print. Santa isn’t real. It was all their parents so I guess a lot of kids are out of luck this year huh? And yes I will make sure my security is going to make sure the orphanages and children hospitals are locked tight”

Miss Chandler was then asked to comment on rumours that she’s motivated by a grudge she has against Spiderman due to him never giving her a gift.

It was then, she abruptly hung up the call

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