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warning: may contrain high levels of lactose

About MeHeyo.

I'm a 28-year-old (she/her) who lives somewhere on the East Coast of America. I've been writing since my early teens, when an IRL friend was like LOOK WHAT I FOUND ON THE INTERNET and it's been downhill since. I've been RPing on and off throughout the years - mattering what the hell my life is doing at that exact moment. Through college I actually stopped, but came right back to it when I realized I didn't have to deal with homework anymore. Typically, I'm drawn to video-game-related RP type stuff. I've bounced around sites through the years, but Panfandoms are something fairly new to me.

Feel free to randomly yell at me to be friends. I like friends. I'm on Pandora's discord so feel free to steal my info from there, or just ask me through a PM.

Roleplay Preferences
  • Posts are typically 150-1000 words depending on what's going on
  • I don't care about matching length...ish? I'm just more likely to reply with a longer post if you give me a longer post, and the reverse too <3
  • Not a fan of meet and greet threads; I like plots
  • I'm a big fan of big plots - but random fun one-shot threads are fun!!!
  • Any form of shipping/romance will be slow burn with me.
  • I'm generally fine with most sensitive topics; but that's basically a case-by-case dealio.
  • I try to reply within 1-2 weeks but sometimes the fact I work 50 hour works gets to me and it may be longer. If it's been like...a monthish, feel free to poke me.

100% open for all things
I'm starting to have slightly too many threads, and reserve to right to be selective about accepting any more.
I fucked up and have one billion threads. Please let me suffer in peace.
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hatching my skeleton
Plots & Events Division
somewhere questionable
some sort of elf
graphic designer
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Prompto Argentum

[stylecolor=1]LOCATION:[/stylecolor] Pandopolis
[stylecolor=1]AGE:[/stylecolor] Twenty-Four
[stylecolor=1]FANDOM:[/stylecolor] Final Fantasy XV
[stylecolor=1]OCCUPATION:[/stylecolor] Journalist


  • Aggressively Bisexual
  • Single and ready to mingle
  • Kind-hearted
  • Texting 4 DAYS
  • Says "bro", "dude", and "yo" more than necessary
  • Came from a Dark Era in his world, so is full of love for this one
  • Seriously he never ever wants to go back
  • Totally doesn't hide discomfort with bad humor
  • Was created in a lab to specifically be infected with daemons/become an evil robot
  • Literally every MT in FFXV is a clone, and technically what he should have become
  • Basically homeboy is a clone of an evil dude who fucked with his DNA and made a million copies to create an army of robots that have daemonic cores running them aka an infected human : D
  • He obviously has issues about this. There's a barcode tattoo he's trying to not be insecure about on his wrist because of this dramatic backstory
  • Also was totes captured by the Big Bad and tortured for awhile. He's mostly recovered at this point but sometimes issues still Happen. Triggered by aggressive grabbing.


  • JOURNALIST so if you have ideas for him to report on/investigate -eyes emoji-
  • Lives in Pandopolis
  • Will end up in weird places just to take a picture - especially for his job
  • Prone to interviewing people ALSO for his job/articles
  • Cat named Tater Tot he LOVES
  • Tech savvy but not necessary can build it. Just like unfreeze your computer
  • Wants Friends
  • Loves games
  • Loves TECH
  • Seems like a useless puppy but actually rather good in a fight
  • Uses guns which he can summon at a whim thanks to his magical bff
  • Sort of actively seeking something new/non-canonmates atm

Ren Amamiya

[stylecolor=2]LOCATION:[/stylecolor] Ark City, Centria
[stylecolor=2]AGE:[/stylecolor] Eighteen
[stylecolor=2]FANDOM:[/stylecolor] Persona 5
[stylecolor=2]OCCUPATION:[/stylecolor] Owner: Cafe LeBlanc Deux


  • Demi~
  • As of April 17th, he's dating @Goro Akechi
  • Unfortunately fell into smoking in early January
  • Living embodiment of
  • "I fought the law, and the law won"
  • Has been arrested multiple times
  • Gotten a nice taste of some Limited Edition Police Brutality™
  • Literally killed a corrupt god that wanted to destroy humanity
  • ...with Satan. It's a long story.
  • Then was sent to jail
  • Genuinely sweet person despite all this
  • Leans on the quiet end of things
  • Not necessarily shy but just only really speaks when he has something to say
  • Despite being quiet and sweet, he has a weird sense of humor that sometimes comes out
  • Also (side note) has a phone app that allows him to go into a cognitive world (OtherWorld here) and do vigilante stuff that will literally make Bad Guys confess their crimes in reality

  • Super into 13th hour stuff and actively stays awake on purpose to play in it
  • Can use his Persona powers during it so uses it as an excuse to work out
  • In his Joker attire during it, so you can't super tell it's him
  • As of April 10th, he's taking classes in Ark City's college part-time for a psych degree
  • Owner of Cafe Leblanc Deux so...come talk to him while he works
  • He gives discounts if you come in looking like you just fought crime
  • Loves All Animals
  • Enjoys video games
  • Very, very easy to talk to/great listener
  • Obviously has issues with the law - even in Pandora
  • Like he will flinch if a cop make a sudden movement near him
  • Making a point to treat himself Kinder lately so he's working less, and trying to be less mentally screwed up
  • Happier now then he's been in a long time.
  • Legit like got through a wild depression time for the past year. He smiles a lot easier now.

Yosuke Hanamura

[stylecolor=3]LOCATION:[/stylecolor] Pandopolis
[stylecolor=3]AGE:[/stylecolor] Eighteen
[stylecolor=3]FANDOM:[/stylecolor] Persona 4
[stylecolor=3]OCCUPATION:[/stylecolor] Radio DJ & Sound Designer


  • As of September 1st, he's unfortunately single
  • Please don't date him rn he needs time.
  • Recently accepted bi
  • Very good at puzzles
  • Extremely clever in subjects/things that interest him, and hopeless in others
  • Loves to dance / sing
  • Persona User - aka can summon his Shadow Self to fight crime in the Other World. More of a fun fact then anything at this point
  • After being kidnapped a month or two ago, he has limited access to his Persona powers (for a gust of wind, can heal)
  • Literally born from being so stressed that happened
  • Very tiring though, so he avoids using it.
  • Came from a pretty messed up time in his world and doesn't like to talk about it
  • Likes to talk about literally anything else ever tho
  • Picky eater
  • Soy allergy
  • Flirt ™
  • Nerd
  • Genuinely a very kind person
  • Comes from 2011 so playing catch-up a bit with technology
  • Poor Money Spending Decisions
  • Loves music
  • Sort of a deeply lonely person that sorta assumes he'll always be people's second or lower choice
  • Low key anxiety that normally comes across with him crossing his arms in front of his chest

  • Because of breakup early this season, he's going to be a way more reserved person than usual
  • Quieter/not as people friendly (but not like mean either)
  • Always ALWAYS listening to his headphones
  • Like normally when walking around in public they're on and he's walking with a BEAT
  • Can be heard at random hours on the radio as a DJ
  • Got a motorcycle in May he named Dart
  • While he lives in Pandopolis all his friends are in Centria so he can be found in either place pretty much whenever
  • Always ALWAYS has to pee
  • Finds himself falling into trashcans more often then anyone should

Osamu Dazai

[stylecolor=1]LOCATION:[/stylecolor] Ark City, Centria
[stylecolor=1]AGE:[/stylecolor] Twenty-Three
[stylecolor=1]FANDOM:[/stylecolor] Bungo Stray Dogs
[stylecolor=1]OCCUPATION:[/stylecolor] Private Investigator


  • Somewhere between bi and pansexual
  • Technically single but has Interest in someone
  • Is still kinda a whore so
  • Walking content warning for disassociation and depression
  • Comes across as light hearted and care-free
  • Even if he is Not
  • Sometimes can be caught showing just how much he's struggling
  • Hides it pretty well tho
  • Has sort of a 'child soldier' thing going
  • Became an Executive within the Port Mafia at fourteen
  • Was very good at it
  • Specialist in torture
  • Crafted all the Port Mafia surveillance techniques
  • Left the Port Mafia at eighteen due to the dying wish of one of the few people he can call a friend
  • Had to go underground for two years to have his record scrubbed, considering the sheer amount of cases of...well, literally everything that were tagged to his name.
  • Extremely intelligent person, but it doesn't typically come across that way
  • Flirt
  • Terrifyingly smooth
  • Abuses most substances - but nothing too hard lately.
  • Fascinated by death - especially his own - on a beyond unhealthy level
  • So uh...yeah he has a lot of issues.

  • Accidentally working as a private investigator in Centria
  • Just sort of fell into it
  • Sort of building another Mafia without meaning to
  • Can often be found around Pandopolis or Centria investigating things
  • Or trying to kill himself (side note: half his attempts are almost light-hearted in nature and wouldn't end in his death - he just likes brushing against the concept)
  • His arms and low on his neck are also constantly bandaged thanks to that.
  • You can do the math

Lance McClain

[stylecolor=3]LOCATION:[/stylecolor] Cosmic Wilderness
[stylecolor=2]AGE:[/stylecolor] Twenty
[stylecolor=2]FANDOM:[/stylecolor] Voltron
[stylecolor=2]OCCUPATION:[/stylecolor] Barista


  • Dating the amazing and beautiful and perfect @Allura
  • Kinda bi
  • Smart in very specific ways
  • Dumb in every other way
  • Paladin of Voltron - aka flies a giant space lion
  • The Red One
  • Even if his suit his blue
  • (Long story)
  • Has little swooshies under his eyes like an Altean [space elf] that aren't naturally there
  • No he won't talk about it
  • Energetic and excitable person
  • Normally is like WOO SPACE HERO but kinda burnt out atm and enjoying a quiet life for a bit
  • But he knows he'll get bored and throw himself back into it at some point
  • Good with guns - calls himself the tailor with his aim
  • Like nobody else does
  • Misses home but also home = bad because his gf is like...yeah [spoiler noises]
  • Genuinely tired of stuff going wrong - happy for peace

  • Flies a giant Red Lion in space
  • So he can be anywhere at any time tbh
  • Barista at Hunk's shop to keep life chill
  • He's kinda bored at it but half decent at the job
  • But boredom = him exploring random things
  • Still carries his bayard everywhere even when working
  • Which turns into any sort of gun [or sword] he needs on the fly so he's READY TO THROW DOWN

Claude von Riegan

[stylecolor=3]LOCATION:[/stylecolor] Cascade Bay, Crystal Vales
[stylecolor=3]AGE:[/stylecolor] Eighteen
[stylecolor=3]FANDOM:[/stylecolor] Fire Emblem
[stylecolor=3]OCCUPATION:[/stylecolor] Student / Sexy Librarian


  • Bi as hell
  • Single as hell
  • Will Sleep Around with anyone vaguely around his age
  • Well I mean he has standards but it's how he's dealing with some issues with canonmates tbh
  • Archer that dabbles in swords
  • Really good at making poisons
  • Extremely clever - good at tactics for battle
  • Reads everything he can touch / likes research
  • Studies at Schola
  • Very secretive person
  • Can talk for hours and say nothing about himself
  • He's still figuring out how open he wants to be / can be in Pandora so that's an entire process
  • Prefers keeping things to himself tho
  • Someone that loudly advocates for equality and racism to be abolished
  • In a sense Pandora is The Dream since it's everyone living together in relative harmony

  • Can be found in Schola's library pretty much always
  • Or trying to steal a dragon from the sanctuary tbh
  • Literally just wanders around sometimes to learn
  • Kinda fascinated with modern shit, so he's often in Ark City just touching stuff
  • Or it can be Pandopolis too tbh
  • Has a vague knowledge of modern things from an adventure when he first got to Pandora
  • Thinks microwaves are awesome
  • Never really sleeps so find him up in the middle of the night
  • Low key DOES want to be open so if you ask questions about him, he might actually answer
  • Likes learning about people and their beliefs
  • Deep 3am talks please


[stylecolor=1]LOCATION:[/stylecolor] Oakheart, Crystal Vales
[stylecolor=1]AGE:[/stylecolor] Twenty-Two
[stylecolor=1]FANDOM:[/stylecolor] Fire Emblem
[stylecolor=1]OCCUPATION:[/stylecolor] Schola Professor


  • In his Universe he's married to @Lucina Lowell, however here they're not so he...doesn't really know what he is right now.
  • But don't try to date him he doesn't know what's happening
  • Pansexual but doesn't really know what that means
  • Literally has a Destroyer God shoved inside him
  • Robin is Grima - the Fell Dragon's - vessel
  • Literally why he was born
  • He technically submitted to Grima before coming to Pandora, but the evil thing seems to just be chilling in the back of his head most of the time
  • However if Grima is brought up, he gets a really painful headache that fucks up the rest of his day
  • Technically possible to unleash Grima in Pandora - and if you have interest let's talk
  • Overall comes across as the quiet and reserved type
  • But when he has something to say, people tend to listen
  • Very good at battle tactics
  • His memories technically only start two years ago
  • He has basic knowledge on how to be a person but Really Bad Amnesia that shows no sign of fixing itself
  • Literally twenty years of his life, gone
  • Because of this, he comes across as very naive on certain things
  • Even after two years, there's stuff that he somehow missed/is just learning
  • Even though he's quiet he does get excited easily
  • Friends come above all else
  • Still not super convinced he isn't dead
  • Knows offensive magic and vaguely how to use a sword

  • Works at Schola and came be found in his office
  • Take tutoring with him!
  • Also just boops around the Crystal Vales for ideas for his class/students
  • Easily fascinated but new magic things and Wants to Study
  • Doesn't really go to the other regions ever, even if he's interested

Katsuki Bakugo

[stylecolor=2]LOCATION:[/stylecolor] Ark City, Centria
[stylecolor=2]AGE:[/stylecolor] Fifteen
[stylecolor=2]FANDOM:[/stylecolor] My Hero Academia
[stylecolor=2]OCCUPATION:[/stylecolor] Student


  • Hasn't really thought about his sexuality and not sure he wants to
  • He's pretty sure he's bi though
  • Single but not really looking either
  • He's a genuinely unpleasant person on a good day
  • Fast to anger, faster to be a dick
  • Wants to fight Everyone
  • His quirk is "Explosions" meaning he can basically explode things using his palm sweat (ew)
  • Can fly around using it, and also do mid-range and close-range attacks
  • Wants to be the Best Hero when he grows up
  • But has no people skills lmfao
  • Knows he'd make an unstoppable villain but has an unchangeable desire to be a Hero
  • Has the ego the size of Pandora itself
  • Competitive.
  • Has to be The Best
  • Incredibly intelligent, but often overshadowed by his impulsive nature
  • Did I mention he's an asshole already
  • Puts himself above others by never remembering anyone's name and coming up with horrible nicknames instead

  • Since he's under-aged he's staying at an orphanage in Ark City
  • He loves that about as much as you'd think
  • He's actively avoiding being home outside of sleeping for that reason
  • Goes to a normal school since he hasn't really figured out if the travel to Schola is worth it
  • Low key doing vigilante work whenever he walks around
  • Not even bothering to cover his face
  • Doesn't have his hero outfit with him anyway so why bother
  • Needs friends/a crew very badly
  • Yet will make no effort to Actively Seek Out
  • Respects people who show they're strong
  • Literally he's just an angry bitch baby someone please put him in his place

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somewhere you probably don't know
@Fu Hua and @Osamu Dazai
I have only watched a few episodes of the anime (though I have read the book "No longer human" written by the author your char was based on). Fu Hua is like a 50,000-year-old person who has been through a lot of hard stuffs. Her entire world is dead and she has lost most of her friends along with her memories. In the recent chapter, the feather with Fu Hua's consciousness has stopped Kiana from killing herself and it will be interesting to see how Fu Hua will interract with Osamu Dazai. Fu Hua's way of coping has been to continue on and harden herself to everything else and it will be interesting for them to meet.

Fu Hua and Prompto
Fu Hua had two friends who were clones of somebody else and literally all her present friends either had their genes changed or their bodies morphed for fighting purposed. She also experienced her entire world being wiped out 50,000 years ago and the present world possibly also being wiped out by the same force that destroyed the first one. It will be interesting if they can have a chat about their world's many issues.
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hatching my skeleton
Plots & Events Division
somewhere questionable
some sort of elf
graphic designer
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@Linnie I'm so sorry this took 200 years I JUST REALLY NEEDED TO UPDATE THIS THING FIRST

Fu & Dazai
I read it too! It's a freaking wild book.
She could def find Dazai about to off himself and their talk could start there. I feel like it would be a good intro and get them talking into deep stuff FAST.
What dates work for you :0

Fu & Prompto
Therapy session together l;kjaslkjdf
They def should have a Deep Talk together about their overlap with dead/dying worlds and issues with clones. It'd be interesting to get Prompto to actually open up about that - since at the moment he sort of avoids the subject unless he just sort of stress-leaks it to most people. Where does she typically hang out?
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somewhere you probably don't know
Fu Hua & Dazai
Besides October 10th and October 31st, she is free. Maybe she can visit him some time in between in October?

Fu Hua & Prompto
Fu Hua is pretty reserved, too but she is pretty open about how Honkai can wipe out her world any time soon and some aspects of Valkyries' lives (mainly they can die because of the enhancements done to their bodies). Maybe there are some Honkai beasts showing up and Prompto interviews Fu Hua in order to better understand the Honkai threats?
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@Yosuke Hanamura

Awkward music buddies? That could be fun! Three is about as much of a music nerd as Yosuke is, so I'd imagine they could maybe get along from that. Plus, he'd likely remind her of an old friend of hers that she... kinda doesn't remember. So it'd just be a really nice interaction all around, I think?
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