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[SPOILERS] Avengers: Infinity War


je suis loser
Application Division
i guess i'm doing this for star wars and avengers movies now!!!

anyway spoiler-free summary:


that's okay, he's gonna save the day in Avengers 4. Hawkeye is the Key, not Billy Batson
he's on a special journey

Legit thoughts: I LIKED … THE EXPERIENCE OF WATCHING IT. It was a rollercoaster. I think it's intended to be that way?? Idk. Very Empire Strikes Back, for real this time unlike weekend of ultron's. lbr people are gonna have different visions for what the ideal Infinity War movie should be, and some people are gonna have grievances either way. I think the Russos did the best they could with the 30 characters and the mess they were given. Maybe if this movie was 4 hours long to milk more of those sweet character moments but ALAS. It had the same exact plot as Justice League (except they lost whelp) while making me care more. This was Thanos's movie tbh. If u think about it from Thanos's perspective it's a complete movie despite the cliffhanger, because dude got what he wanted <3

They did Peter Quill dirty by not having him wait 30 seconds before decking Thanos. It still wouldn't have worked, since Thanos is a beast even without the gauntlet, but MAN that just makes him seem like a terrible manchild when HALF THE UNIVERSE IS AT STAKE

They did Vision dirty by stabbing him in the spine twice and then killing him twice. Poor dood was supposed to have so much power but was basically nullified and reduced to a Damsel

Wakanda: it's cool that it was all Helm's Deep and all but SERIOUSLY WHERE DID ALL YOUR JETS AND HIGH GRADE MILITARY TECH GO

Thor is so tragic now. I feel for this man hardcore. All of his struggles in Ragnarok, man. It mighta even been better for Asgard if they didn't struggle against Hela so much, because at least half of them could still die with their home in tact. Then again Hela prob would've fared better against Thanos anyway. Hela vs Thanos bring it.

Speaking of tragic: so ur telling me Wanda's story arc in the mcu is essentially: violently orphaned as a child, misguidedly contributes to the destruction of her hometown and the death of her twin, when she tries to do better she makes a mistake that kills people despite also saving more ppl and triggers the accords, gets locked up in maximum security and treated like a nonhuman for helping cap, gets maybe 2 years of happiness with vision in hiding, kills vision to save half the universe, but then gets to helplessly watch as Thanos reverses time and rips the mind stone out of his head anyway and in the same month ophie kills supes on pandora HAHA The sweet embrace of death was the best thing to happen to her at this point. RIP for a little while my poor baby.

I'M GUESSING THE LESSON OF THIS MOVIE IS: if ur not ready to sacrifice like big daddy Thanos ur gonna have a hard time
The dusted people are the safe ones tbh
The ones leftover (aka the original 6 including the most important one off screen: Hawkeye) will probably have to make some kind of huge sacrifice next movie to complete the circle [thinking emoji]

I have so many thoughts but I got to actually go work now

I'm also gonna app Eitri the Dwarf King
he's gonna be my new novelty child
just watch


shia le beowulf
True Neutral
So like...this was a flawed movie that i liked anyway.

That said, we're in an age of cinematic drama that makes character deaths seem hella cheap. The ending should have had a bigger emotional impact than it did, even though it made a clear effort to drum it up by making Peter beg for his life to a helpless Tony. I think the inconsistency played a small part in the muted impact--the snap seemed to take some people by surprise, while apparently Spidey felt it coming for approximately 84 years. We also know way too much about the future of the timeline to care too much about it.

Am I just dead inside? I'm really curious to see if anyone felt the same way.

The characters getting shafted was to be expected, tbh. The universe is way too big to pay attention to everyone, so they essentially paid attention to no one. Thanos was the central figure and that was probably the way to go.

Laugh for laugh, this might have been the funniest movie of the MCU to me, due in large part to Drax. It has that going for it, even though a lot of it was largely misplaced. wasn't a bad movie at all, but it was a victim of the sheer size of the universe it created. Overall, though, I can't judge this movie too hard until I can view it in tandem with Avengers 4.
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a commie DC fan dreaming of a guy called George
The Other Side
mentally 2
a human
studying stuff
-TAKES OUT MEDIA DEGREE- ...i've never done that before and its probs not a cool image

so like, i dont think the first hour of this experience qualifies as a.. movie. it was probably scenes thrown together with DIFFERENT TONE AND DIFFERENT MUSIC AND DIFFERENT FEEL (but then again, suicide squad was hardly a movie so who am i to judge). but jeremy from utube agrees with me so im content. HAVING SAID THAT, i was only now introduced to the Guardians and i fucking hate them bc they are as dumb as a rock(and not the endearing kind, but i guess their fans find them endearing) BUT THE RACOON WAS GR8 AND GAMORA IS A QUEEN. And i was informed that Star Lord is not meant to be so stupid

THE FIRST THING I WASN'T TOO PROUD TO ADMIT TO MY TEAM IRON MAN FRIENDS is that even if i am hardcore team cap , I really liked Tony in this movie. i was probably expecting that character development like, 5 movies before, but HEY AT LEAST IT HAPPENED. major kudos and respect to the dude for the mature things he said and his willingness to die for da universe(and then i guess Dr Strange pulled a Rose from TLJ?)

Dr Strange is such a rude prick. shame on him

they did my boy Loki dirty. he died from plot induced stupidity and oociness, bc MAI BOI LOKI HAS DONE MISTAKES, BUT NOTHING TO JUSTIFY THAT PURE DUMBASSERY OF THE FIRST SCENE

im mad bc Thor destroyed Asgard to save Asgard and then Asgard died anyway. i think its hella disrespectful towards everyone who cared about Asgard, tho yes, it makes Thor a fantastic character. his scenes with Groot were A++++ i am hella curious as to where his character will go from here tho. his death, if it happens, will be the saddest of them all THE DUDE LOST EVERYTHIN

i was also just introduced to wakanda thats just fantastic PLS DONT DESTROY IT LIKE ASGARD

Hi Bucky, Bye Bucky.

Pretty sure Vision spent two hours in the movie dying

it was still better than Age of Ultron. It felt very much like watching the Last Jedi with less character assasination of major players, liberal casino scenes and references to Japanese cinema. sooooo it was okay tho directing wise The Last Jedi is more creative. It's probably the Empire Strikes Back of the MCU soo... not as good as the Empire Strikes Back SDFGHJ

STILL THO, THE ACTION SCENES WERE SPECTACULAR AND BETTER THAN IN ANY OTHER MCU MOVIE TO DATE I HAVE SEEN WHICH IS A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT, as well as how awesome Thanos was(still hella awkward for Greek speakers, as Thanos is a common Greek name)

pls stop crying , they are not really dead this is a comic book disney movie sdfghjkl at least, the ash people are not dead. Gamora, Loki and Vision might be gone forever POOR BABIES

ive seen better. but boy, have i seen worse WELL DONE THO
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help, i'm FEELING
Application Division
Here's the thing.

I hate sitting through a movie knowing that 90% of what I just watched was ultimately meaningless, because they have literally no choice but to reverse it with the next movie. Hell, half the people who 'died' have movies coming out soon. I don't even think Gamora is permanently dead bc she's one of the major moneymakers for GotG. Although it may explain why there are four fucking Avatar sequels in the works that no one cares about, let alone wants, in which case fuck you James Cameron, I'll see you in Hell. I hate that the first minute of this film rendered the entirety of Thor 3 meaningless. Like, oh, you cared about Asgard? Oh, Thor spent a whole movie learning that Asgard wasn't a place, it was a people, and even if he could not save the place, he saved the people, and that was his major victory? LOL TOO BAD, JOKE'S ON YOU THEY ALL DIED ANYWAY

Heimdall was done super fucking dirty, by the way. I'm still pissed about that. And even if I have a feeling that Loki is for real dead this time, a) if they want to bring Loki back in a future movie they'll find a way, and b) it still has no impact because we've seen him die on screen way too many times already.

Valkyrie and Sif may be safe by virtue of Sir Not Appearing in this Film, but even that's tenuous at best.

Fuck everything about the Bruce/Natasha 'reunion scene', by the way. The one saving grace is it lasted like two seconds and I didn't have to see them touch or interact in any other way, so ok I guess?

Secondly, this should've been at least two separate movies. I'm sorry, but even in the comics Marvel has trouble doing justice to massive ensemble casts, and they absolutely fail at doing so in the actual movies. Avengers worked because there were only six of them, and they were already busily side-lining Hawkeye, so there were only five they really wanted to make the audience care about. Age of Ultron and Civil War both suffered from two many characters, not enough plot cohesion, and in Infinity War that was turned up to eleven, and it fucking showed. The pacing was a goddamn mess, and while there were a lot of smaller single moments I liked, it was like a series of strong individual moments that just didn't fit together.

Also, let Nick Fury say FUCK 2kFOREVER. That ending stinger was such bullshit, and also, he was paging Captain Marvel, right? Where the fuck was she. I think someone who's bulletproof and massively strong, can fly, and has MASSIVE energy powers would've been kind of useful in this fight, I'M JUST SAYING.

I think, like Civil War, Infinity War was introduced too soon. Frankly, CW should've been a Cap movie with a different plotline, and this movie should've been Civil War if they absolutely had to go that route. Actually build up a relationship in the interim between Tony and Steve so that we actually care about them being on opposite sides of the conflict. Then, have another round of introductory movies, bring Captain Marvel on the scene earlier, give fucking Hawkeye and Black Widow either solos or at least one joint movie, and THEN tackle Thanos.

And split the movie up (I know it's technically already two parts but I mean the 'losing to Thanos' bit that was this movie, should've been at least two), maybe follow the guys out at space for the first movie, as they are trying desperately to defeat Thanos and keep him from getting the stones in Space, have them ultimately lose and then he gets to Earth in the next movie, which focuses on everyone still on Earth who's been fighting Thanos' kids, and he shows up near the end of the movie to fuck up everyone's day. Then move into the final movie where they have to wind up undoing everything he did. I still wouldn't like it, cause I dislike plot rewinds on principle, but it wouldn't seem as egregious as it does right now, and it may have at least fixed some of my other issues with the movie.


Anyway, yeah, my feelings were all over the place for this thing. There were a lot of parts I liked, but overall I was kind of unimpressed because, again, the emotional impact is undercut massively by knowing that 90% of it has to be undone in the next one.

I WILL SAY, THOUGH, that Tony was not nearly as insufferable in this movie. Maybe it's because he was standing next to fucking Dr. Strange the whole time so he seemed like less of an insufferable douche in comparison, but I liked most of his scenes.
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Space, the Final Frontier
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The Wolf King
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Just watched the movie last night and PHEW, it was... A Thing.

Overall, I liked it. Say what you will about the MCU, but the solo movies were a pretty solid build-up for these characters appearing in Infinity War (not all of them, but most of them), even if a lot of them didn't have prominent roles or an opportunity to shine in the limelight the way they deserved. It's... a big movie, and there just won't be time for that, realistically speaking, so it naturally #suffered in that department big-time.

And maybe it's my inner Mass Effect fan speaking here, but Thanos was the Big Bad. There will be death when you're facing the final boss, and death is never pretty, or orderly, or even meaningful. Death is ugly, and messy, and often nonsensical. So from a narrative and longtime fan standpoint, I get the bitterness. But from a realistic standpoint, it makes sense. I was left kind of staring dumbly at the screen when everyone started disappearing, too numb and shocked to really react, and that's probably what they were going for.

Now, time for some personal notes:

THOOOOOR, like... give the man a fucking break. He lost everything, EVERYTHING, in the span of a few days and it was clear he was barely holding it together. So he set his eye on his driving goal, and latched onto it because if he let himself stop for even one second, he'd just... break down. That one solitary tear? I bet you there were a hell of a lot more where that came from, but Thor's the kind to internalize his grief, so... yeah. There's no time to break down, so he keeps trucking on, and that isn't healthy.

Loki dying the way he did was pretty damned OOC, and I agree that we've seen him "die" too many times for it to have as much of an emotional impact as it ought to have. Even Thor himself was like, "I'm not sure if he's really dead or not," but then said he probably was? idk fam, maybe we're gonna get Kid Loki sometime soon? Loki shouldn't have died like that, he's never been the noble self-sacrificing kind, he's always been the "I'm going to wait and bide my time and you'll never see me coming" kind of guy so... yeah.

Heimdall and Gamora dying the way they did was awful, and horrible, and I am upsetty spaghetti. I kept calling Thanos a fucker whenever he came onscreen after that because augh, what an emotionally manipulative bastard, AUGHHHHH.

Okay, now that that's out of my system: Peter Quill. Hitting Thanos before they got the Gauntlet off was a Bad Move, and pretty damned OOC, but... I get it? It's like when you're playing D&D and you botch up your Will Save, so you lose control of your character. You don't understand what you're doing in that moment, you just act. Was it bad? Yes. Did it make sense? Also yes. It made more sense than Loki dying the way he did. I mean... Quill shot his dad in the face multiple times once he learned he'd killed his mother, so Quill being an emotional type and just losing it is... A Thing.

Peter falling into Tony's arms begging not to die is what finally got the waterworks going. I know some folks are already upset about him sensing his impeding death when the others didn't, but I invite you to consider: spider sense. His spider sense is keen af, so to me it makes sense that out of everyone disappearing, Peter would be the one to feel that something was wrong. And, you know, he saw the others disappearing too, but I agree that they dragged the scene out unnecessarily for the #angst. Some also mentioned it wasn't noble of him to beg for his life but... he's also a kid? He's really scared, he doesn't understand what's happening, and I liked that. It hurt, but I liked it, because to me it doesn't show he isn't noble, but that he's ultimately a kid who got thrust into war, and dying really is scary af.

I'm also convinced Dr Strange was up to something, handing over the stone so willingly. I'm betting this is the only scenario where they beat Thanos, even if it seems right now like they haven't.

Wanda and Vision deserved better, T'Challa deserved better, everyone deserved better, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the next movie will do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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