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Event Spooka Spookitos: Costume Contest!!

Event guide, with all information needed to join and participate.

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Costume Costume!

It's time for Spooka Spookitos' COSTUME CONTEST!! This one's pretty self-explanatory.

Once again, the costume contest will occur in weird wobbly fluid time, so your character could have partaken on whichever date you decide between October 26 - 31.

How To Enter
Create your character's ensemble via one of the following and post it in this thread!
The deadline will be one week from today, November 5, after which we will put up a poll!

MapleStory Design: The main site may no longer be a thing, but all the items are still available here for optimal dress-up purposes! Definitely the easier and less overwhelming of the two options!

Gaia Avatar Builder: A much more massive (and slightly overwhelming) selection of items. Every item is BEAUTIFUL and you can really go nuts in here. Harder to actually find what you are looking for, though, because the navigation is a little clunky. Here are some tools I use to make life easier for myself when I'm there!
  • On-Site Gaia Avatar Builder: In case you'd like to make it on the site (which has search box options, I think). Requires Registration, unfortunately.
  • Color Scheme Guide: I peruse this list for colors I like. If you plug the name of the color or color scheme you are interested in right into the search in the avi builder, a lot of those items will pop up!
  • Chubby Love Item List: Is your character thicc and beautiful? They have body mod items for that!!! <3333
  • Manly Man Hair Thread: For all your body & facial hair needs!
  • A Guide To Free Speech: Speech bubbles and other text stuff. These are some of my favorite items LOL!
  • The Ultimate Hair Guide: You'll never want for hair again.
  • Basically any guide in that forum tbh, but if you are looking for a specific kind of guide/list of x color items/etc, let me know and I can try to help!! I know there is, like ...a LOT!
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