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June 1st

Grand Admiral Nausika Wellesley, leader of Starfleet and one of the most influential people in the Alliance, addressed Elysium citizens and Pandora as a whole this morning,following the violent separatation of the two sides of what was previously known as the moon of Elysium. Her speech follows:

''My fellow Elysians, Alliance citizens and all those beyond our borders. Today marks a new day for what some call the cosmic wilderness, following the catastrophe that affected our moon city. Today is also the day that Starfleet changes its course, if you will permit me the metaphor, and returns to the roots that made it great. I hope the same will happen for Elysium and the Alliance as a whole.

We, the people of Starfleet suffered our darkest year yet, that begun with increasing social and political pressure and culminated into being sucked in a nexus of mindless violence and segragation. We saw colleagues die, we faced incredible obstacles and yes, as our critics would rush to accuse, we made mistakes. I made mistakes. I caved into pressure. Starfleet's reputation was almost shattered. But we preservered. We survived.We promised to ourselves to do better. And we stand here before you,ready to continue our mission to explore the cosmos and bring the stars a little closer to you.

For that to happen, I have made some decisions for Starfleet, after countless of hours of delegations with my colleagues. Starfleet has always sided with the ideals of peace and justice, despite what the biased narrative of the Pandora Times has made of us. We cannot breed violence and claim we stand for peace at the same time.

So I would like to formally announce that any protestors that were transported to our facilities during the days of riots will be released. We are scientists, explorers and strategists, not jailers. This of course places us in opposition with the Peacekeepers who are still keeping people in detainment. Starfleet supports the release of all prisoners and an investigation on allegiations of excessive brutality and corruption on an unprecedent scale by members of the Peacekeeping force during the past year. Ιf those prove to be true, then Senator Srednas' proposal to cut funds currently allocated to the Peacekeepers finds us in agreementuntil a solution is in place. Starfleet's mission doesn't require us to take political sides, but this, we feel, is first and foremost, a matter of justice.

I know that Starfleet and the people living in Alliance territories need to feel safe again. Therefore, I would like to announce the creation of a special squadron force that will be tasked with protecting our borders and investigating threats to us. Ember squad will acquire our new type of ship, the Mega-Class Star Destroyer named The Jordan and be led by my colleague, Commander Kylo Ren. He has his work cut out for him. I trust him and his team to utilise every means at their disposal, while the rest of Starfleet focuses their efforts on exploration, innovation and aid to those that need it. A lot of our budget have gone into this endeavor, but we believe it is necessary.

And lastly, we will focus our efforts in rebuilding Elysium, help Elysians affected by the split and introducing new ways to travel through the cosmic wilderness.Our scientists are working hard on making live easier in Pandora. I would like to thank all those who believed in us even in our darkest time. I would like to thank the translator too, for allowing my words to be understood by all Pandorans this time. Let's boldly go to where no man has ever gone before again.''

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