Rumor Starfleets Being Shady?

April 29th

Word on the street is a Starfleet Task Force has been protecting a research ship somewhere in the Cosmo's and to make matters worse. It's Commander was also reportedly spotted on Naerys I seeking something with a small army. What? We don't know but they seem to be up to no good. To make matters worse, one of my friends working in the Task Force has told me not even their Commander has been permitted aboard the research ship.

And you wanna know who he is? Hal Jordan. Who in Elysium would be willing to hide something from that guy? He's like their idol or something. But oh well, this is why I didn't join the military. My office job won't ever leave me out of the know!

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My internet is being hopelessly slow for reasons I can't figure out, don't worry too much if I disappear off and on.
I will finish this post. I will finish this post, even if I have to burn down all of Paris!
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Hi friends :encatnod: I want to apologise for my absentness of late; work is crazy right now and I'm just feeling like poop. :notlikeblob: :thisisfine:
Thank you to everyone I'm plotting for being so patient with me and everyone in general for just being so lovely, you guys are the best :enstars4: :blobheart:
A lot of people here really should work on their moonlight tans..

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