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Weather Gone Wild

It starts off small. You meet someone in the middle of the street, and they've got their own personal raincloud. It's following them, they're drenched, but it's a perfectly fine, sunny day. Or maybe it's raining, which wouldn't be weird, except the rain is moving the wrong way. Lightning strikes sideways, sudden winds blow in from the east, but no one else is affected. Or you've got your own patch of sunlight, and everyone else is getting rained on.

The weather is weird, and no one knows why.

Could it be related to that temple in Centria???

What does this actually mean?

Okay, so for this season, Pandora's weather is going a bit haywire, a bit strange. Some of it. There's still normal weather going on, but it's rarer, now. It can be targeted to your character personally, or affecting a whole city, but the weather is just weird, not behaving how it should, or would normally.

Are there any limitations on what weather I can throw into a thread?

There are some limitations. For the moment, the weather is only weather that would normally occur on Earth, like rain, sun, lightning, snow, and nothing of natural disaster levels. You can absolutely have your character be followed by their personal raincloud, for example, but not their own personal tornado. It's normal weather behaving in strange ways, and nothing too destructive.

How do I sign up?

This event is a sandbox event, meaning that you can use it how you like in threads! However, if you'd like to use it, and you're not sure what you'd like to do, just reply to this thread with the form below, and staff will roll you up some weird weather!

[h=7]Let's get weird![/h]
[b] Any requests?[/b]: If you have a preference about what kind of weather you get, just stick it here!


For taking part in this seasonal event, you'll get this cute little medal!

[h=7]Medal please![/h]
[b]Character Name[/b]:
[b]Link to thread[/b]:


WHEN: All of Spring!
WHERE: All around Pandora!
WHAT: The weather is being weird, wacky, and wild!

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@Amity I'm so sorry for the delay. Your weather is:

For the next 24 hours, the character of your choice will be followed by their own personal raincloud!

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