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News Article Supermodel Sensation or One Hit Wonder?


February 7

A new rising star in Pandopolis City whether he likes it or not, the public has very quickly been taken by the elegance of a certain elf with eyes blue as sapphire after an eight page spread hit the shelves only a couple of days ago. A male model by coincidence only, Aymeric de Borel seems to be born for the role and his generosity knows no bounds, reportedly having refused to accept payment for his surprise appearance on set after a tragic no show.

Will this piece of elven eye candy prosper in the business, or will he be a one hit wonder? Only time will tell.

In related news, rumor has it that the urban legend none other than the Silver Man of Pandora ( @Peter Maximoff ) met his demise at this very photoshoot. Spooky!

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