Game Update Sweater Weathe-- Autumn, is Here!

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Welcome to Autumn


Cozy scarfs, warm drinks, and ever changing trees are everywhere because....

Don't worry if you have any past season threads you forgot to put up! There's a 24 hour leeway right after the Season Change for you to squeeze in any last-minute threads, and you can always use the Threads of Time forum too!

Seasonal Location


Just over a year since it was last in Pandora, Valhalla has re-appeared! Anyone dying in Pandora will go to Valhalla for 24 hours of partying viking afterlife style and will be returned safely to the living with a note to do better...

All threads from the Fire Gym have been moved to Pandopolis City.

Seasonal Event



More Announcements!

  • P & L PROJECT Started last season, Plots & Lore's project to update the location and lorebook submission system is still under way! Locations and lorebook submissions are currently closed until the project is complete. Any current submissions will be considered/asked for edits/etc, but no new submissions will be allowed until the project is complete!
  • INACTIVE ACCOUNTS A further measure to help out the members of the board, we’re rolling out inactive accounts! Should you fail to meet an AC per the rules, and your character would normally be deleted, the character will be sorted into an inactive account instead. Inactive characters can be reserved by other players while they are inactive! If your character is still inactive by the next AC, the account will be deleted at that time. The AC details will be updated, but expect this to be implemented on the 15th!
  • CODE BANK A new code bank has been opened up, replacing our old Post Templates thread. Any member is free to submit to the code bank, and make use of the codes submitted there! Check out the new Code Bank here, in Pandora's Help Desk forum.

    The old Post Templates thread has been archived and been found here. Feel free to resubmit any of your creations to the new Code Bank!
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My internet is being hopelessly slow for reasons I can't figure out, don't worry too much if I disappear off and on.
I will finish this post. I will finish this post, even if I have to burn down all of Paris!
*shrieks in weretiger*
-peeks in- hello world :3
Hi friends :encatnod: I want to apologise for my absentness of late; work is crazy right now and I'm just feeling like poop. :notlikeblob: :thisisfine:
Thank you to everyone I'm plotting for being so patient with me and everyone in general for just being so lovely, you guys are the best :enstars4: :blobheart:
A lot of people here really should work on their moonlight tans..

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