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Tateyama, Ayano

Ayano Tateyama

Kagerou Project
Red is the color of a hero
Munhall Arch - Midcourt
17 (+1)
Neutral Good
Relationship Status
Shipping Other People (Single)
Ayano Tateyama
With fears in their eyes, they cry "I'm just a monster"
So I tell them "that's not true at all,"
"Red is the color of a hero"
"So there's no reason to be afraid"

Played by FullMoon

Fandom: Kagerou Project
Age: 17 (chronologically, physically 15)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Canon Point: At the end of Mekakucity Actors, just after using transfering Shintaro's memories into Marry
NPC Companions: None


Favoring Eyes: Ayano's power granted to her by the snake she got from the Daze. Her eyes turn red and she is capable of projecting memories, feelings and thoughts into someone else she makes eye contact with. Those can be her own, or of someone else's, but it requires all of the involved parties to be nearby. When her powers are used, both the target and her zone out and watch the memories and hear the thoughts and experience the feelings associated with them as if they were their own. Ayano can control exactly what and how much of it is shown, even being able to skip ahead or backtrack if she feels like it. It's not a power she uses very often, only when she deems it necessary or wants to share information quickly and silently.


Ayano is just human, meaning that she's just as vulnerable as any other teenage girl. Not only that but using her power leaves and whoever she happens to be using her power on very vulnerable to attack until the effect ends, or someone could end the effect of her eye power by distracting her if that's what they are aiming for. Furthermore, since what is keeping her alive is the snake possessing her, if someone were to remove it, they would take away her power as well as her life source.


Ayano is very kind and always tries to see the good in people, as well as trying to help others with their problems, hoping to make them love the world just as much as she does. She's very protective of those she cares about, to the point that she's willing to do anything for their sake, perhaps even something amoral if it came down to it. Although she's kind, she can fierce when she gets angry and has an assertive personality that makes her fit to be a leader.

However, Ayano doesn't have the highest opinion of herself, in particular about her intelligence. Although she isn't dumb by any means, she often struggled at school and got bad grades, leading to a level of self-deprecation where she calls herself stupid. She considers herself an awkward person, although she doesn't struggle much with social situations, outside of getting nervous when doing public speaking.

Although she comes across as an earnest, sincere person, Ayano has a habit of bottling up her negative feelings for the sake of not bringing other people down with her. Ironically, this is behavior that she often preaches against, as she doesn't want others to suffer alone and feel like they have to hide their feelings.

Ayano for the most part is aware that there's only so much she can do and will focus on doing what is possible for her to do to help instead of lamenting what she can't do. While she can be impulsive, she knows better now than to rush into a bad situation without through consideration or at least getting a second opinion.


Ayano stands at 1,55m/5'1 and weighs 43 kg/94 lbs. She's rarely seen without her trademark red scarf, as it serves as a symbol of the words she told her siblings when they were struggling with their red eyes. Her eyes are normally brown, but turn red when she begins using her power.


When she was still a child, Ayano's mother, Ayaka, brought three children with her that were now going to be her siblings. Those children were Seto, Kano, and Kido, all three carrying deep emotional baggage within them and sharing a particular disdain for the red eyes they had, thinking it made them monsters. Wanting to fit into the role of big sister for them, Ayano pointed out to them that red is a color often associated with heroes and that they shouldn't be afraid of it. To further drive the point home, Ayano suggested that they could become a group of secret agents called the Mekakushi Dan (Blindfold Gang) and help other people like them. It was just a make-believe game, but it worked wonders to make the trio feel happy again.

Things started going wrong once Ayaka died in a landslide, however, causing a great amount of grief within the family. Ayano soldiered on for everyone's sake, however, and tried to keep everyone in high spirits. During her time at school, she became friends with an anti-social boy called Shintaro, who had a very cynical view of the world that Ayano wanted to change but ended up finding herself unfit for that role in his life.

The situation got even worse when Ayano discovered about the story of a medusa and another world called the Kagerou Daze through her mother's research. This made her realize that a bad snake had possessed her father and that the it was using him to bring the other snakes from the Daze to the real world so a new medusa could be made. Fearing for the safety of her siblings and also her friends, Ayano did what she could to stop the snake's plans.

It culminated in Ayano deciding to throw herself off the roof of her school, as the only way to get yourself inside the Daze was to die in a specific day of the year, and claim a snake for herself and remain trapped in the Daze forever, all so that at least one of the snakes would forever remain inside the other world. Her plan was succesful... to an extent.


She wasn't sure how this happened, but Ayano suddenly felt herself being grabbed by strange black vines, which she at first thought were snakes, given what she had experienced so far, but then all of sudden she found herself in... a town? It was nothing like the lonely classroom she found herself stuck in so often. There were people walking around, carrying on with their daily lives as if there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Frantically looking around and trying to make sense out of the situation, Ayano found herself looking at people as they went past her. Some looked like perfectly normal people, but others had odd traits about them that made her wonder if this was another creation of the Daze or if she really was somewhere else entirely. Some people had pointy ears, others looked like they had some animal features on them such as a tail and... was that a robot??

It felt bizarre to be in a place with actual people in it and, judging by the fact some of them seemed to notice that she was awkwardly staring, they clearly knew she was there. This was no illusion, this was reality, but what kind of reality was this? How did she end up there, to begin with? She had just left the Daze and returned to her world, but now...? Did Marry do this?

How was she supposed to even find any answers here? Just start asking random people for information? She had to admit, she had spent so much time in isolation that she had almost forgotten how you were supposed to interact with other people. Still, she wouldn't accomplish anything by standing there. Taking a deep breath, Ayano walked up to the first person in her path and spoke up.

"Excuse me, could I have a moment of your time?"
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