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The 13th Hour


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The 13th Hour

OverviewSince the start of fall, the people of Pandora have been experiencing an anomaly whenever the clock strikes midnight. Some people are experiencing an hour where things stop being bound to the confines of reality. Windows stop showing what they should outside. Rooms repeating themselves over and over no matter what door you go through. The feeling of being followed. Things hunting you. As soon as an hour passes, however - things return to normal - as if nothing was amiss to begin with.

BreakdownBasically every day has an extra hour at the end of it, where horror stuff goes down. When inside, you can't go outside. Doors lock - keeping you in, and sometimes don't even lead where they're supposed to. There's the sensation of being followed at all times during this hour. Shadows seem darker, and to be moving. Light doesn't seem to work as well as it used to. Pets seem warped. Eyes shining no matter what light they're in. The sounds they make almost sound reversed.

Outside during this hour, everything is covered in a thick fog . The sky is void of stars. All doors are locked, keeping you from going inside. Again, you feel like you're being hunted.

There are things that exist only during this hour - things that can hurt you. Things that want to hurt you. They've been described as vaguely human shaped. Sometimes they can be seen when inside and looking through a window - just pressed against the glass - eyes shining as they watch you. Other times they can be seen at the top of a staircase, or out of the corner of their eye.

  • Hate horror? Hate everything about this? Good news - your characters can sleep through it just fine, or just are not effected.
  • People who are awake and not effected by the thirteenth hour feel no difference. To people who are who are actively talking to the people who aren't, they just vanish for an hour. And vise-versa.
  • You have to be awake at the start of the thirteenth hour to enter it - and can't wake up in the middle
  • You can go nuts with what exactly happens to your character during this extra hour. I gave ideas but that is not the limit at all.
  • You can run into other characters during this hour/experience with people in the same house as you.
  • You cannot escape the Thirtheen Hour once your'e in it. You just have to wait it out.
  • It is dangerous. The monsters can hurt your characters and even kill them if you wish it.
  • Obviously that is up to the writers.
  • Injuries acquired in the thirteenth hour do transfer over to reality
  • However they look/feel different than normal injuries and healing magic doesn't seem to do anything to them.
  • Bruises take longer to heal than they should, cuts take forever to close, broken bones only set after a long time. Cuts specifically almost have a burnt look to them.
  • If someone dies in the thirteen hour their body can be found after.
  • Phones work with their airplane mode functionality: so you can take pictures, play games, etc - but you cannot text or make calls.
  • While rooms can change order/reality as a whole feels warped, it is bound to the general space of the city or house you're in
  • Meaning new rooms/areas will not crop up
  • But again these are just guides <3 GO NUTS.
  • You can hurt/kill the monsters but they're very very tough
  • BUT you can't kill them forever - they will be back during the following 13th hour

TL;Dr / BasicWhat is it?: Stay up past midnight and shit gets weird
When is it?: Entire Fall season!
WHERE is it?: The entirety of Pandora!
How do I join?: This is a sandbox event so go wild with using it as a plot device this season!
Milk what the hell is this are you okay do you need to talk about it: I'm a horror writer by nature I promise I'm good <3
Questions?: Feel free to ask in questions, @ me personally, DM me, reply to this thread, or basically whatever makes you comfy.
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