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Private The climb

Daichi Sawamura

Date- 20th Feb, 109
Tags- @Daniel Wing

It was his first free couple of days in awhile do Daichi had decided to seize the opportunity and get out of Pandopolis, so that he could explore the strange new world further. He was anxious not to leave the safety of the hub cities though, feeling like they would somehow be safer after all he was very aware of his own inabilities in this world. Many times when out investigating the other cities he'd wondered if he should find someone to teach him basic combat as all he had was knowledge on how to scrap with other school kids, which would not serve him well if he came into trouble with someone here he suspected. But he had no idea where to start when it came to that idea so he took to simply being cautious and sticking to areas which would probably be safer, in a way Pandora had made him a little more wary of his surroundings that he hadn't been before. Though he was plenty aware of everything on a volleyball court, it was what made him so dependable as a defender and a captain, but being in this wild place Daichi didn't really think those talents counted for anything.

He wished the Pandora College had a volleyball team, then perhaps he could find a way to feel slightly less useless in this place and yet he had a feeling if he attempted to start one it wouldn't get very far, after all who would they play against? Then there was the fact he doubted anyone would be interested in a normal sport when this place probably had broomstick racing or the like. Daichi shook his head, forcing himself away from his negativity and instead forced himself to focus on his surroundings, taking things in as a tourist, for awhile he managed to enjoy himself, seeing the beauty of Cascade Bay. He was debating where to go next when his brown eyes caught it, movement in a street to his left, he turned facing the possible threat and discovered that instead of a threat, it was someone who looked around his age, with the most wicked looking, ice blue hair. Daichi found himself unknowingly taking a few steps into the street, staring up at the guy in wonder and found himself watching the kid climb, realising he was witnessing something spectacular, the other teenager was talented.

The guys obvious climbing talent and his snazzy blue hair had Daichi wishing he could meet him, but why would the guy want to hang out with him? He was just an ordinary kid, if he was ice cream he'd be vanilla and Daichi almost turned away, but some element of his stubbornness shone through then as he found himself unable to stop from calling up to the other teen"That's impressive, you've got a real talent for climbing! Although climbing in this cold has got to of worked up an appetite, fancy a bite or a drink to refuel before your next escapade?" He paused, again wondering why anyone would want to hang out with him so added a further lure"I'll pay!"
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Daniel Wing

Cascade Bay
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After having found trouble in Ark with his climbing and more than one person telling him that it was too windy, too slippery, to cold – proven by how he'd fallen more than once – as well as actually getting into trouble with the police for trespassing or whatever that officer worried about, well it only was sensible to choose another spot for a while. In Cascade at least he was known as a local and people bothered less about someone scaling a wall with no ill intention. With all that magic around he wouldn't even have managed to break in somewhere if he wanted to, not without unleashing some traps he had no defense against.

Being called out upon for a compliment, that was new in either case and he glanced down at the other kid, blinking. “Uhm, thanks cousin.” What else to say? Alex hadn't been one for outright praise and with June it'd always felt more like she was estimating potential to use. And as time here showed, a lot of people thought this more suicidal than a proper way to exercise. But he still had a hard time making friends, meeting new people out of his comfort zone and someone coming to him first was an option he'd not leave unused.

“Sure! Gimme a minute to come down.”
Daniel called back down, meaning that literally despite being quite a ways up – but some quickly changed footholds retraced down, sliding along a wall till he caught a ledge and finally jumping two stories down to land perfectly balanced on his feet in front of the guy. “Hi. I'm Daniel.”
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