The Fountain of Truth

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The Pantheon


The Fountain of Truth

Tucked away deep in a cavern somewhere in the Blackridge Mountains is a small fountain, the waters of which contain magical capabilities that are entirely unpredictable. The only surety is that it grants the one who drinks from it something hidden or missing; be it a secret, the inability to lie, or the restoration of forgotten memories. However, the water’s magical properties are lost the moment anyone attempts to take it outside the cavern, so the water needs to be drunk inside the cavern to work.

The Journey

The caverns are not lit, they are not marked in any way. Only select few people have learned the way there, and directions are only ever given by word of mouth. It comes at a heavy price within the Wastes. It's information few are willing to ever give for cheap or, heaven forbid, free. They're no saints, trust.

Nothing is maintained, some paths have been caved in. Either by natural means or something else, it's hard to tell. It takes a good 5 hours to navigate the caverns alone, let alone find the entrances within the mountain itself.

The View

The natural rock formations within the cavern have carvings on them that extend out a half mile from the fountain's chamber. They depict animals, various ones many have never seen before. Some are battles, away from the gentle herds. These battles grow crueler the closer one gets, tongues and heads rolling.

The fountain is naturally formed from rock, holding a perfect pool of clear water. It contracts greatly to the puddles and pools towards the edges of the cavern, as those tend to have green moss. All of it is gentle and still, held forever in it's darkness until disturbed.

The Affects

The magical properties of the water found within the cavern tend to provide a variety of differing effects. It changes from person to person, never something actively chosen by the person in question but instead answered within their very heart. What one truly desires is the affect granted, whether they can accept that or not. Revisiting the Fountain may grant a different result, but only if the heart has changed and all previous effects granted have run their course.

One cannot cheat the fountain and destroy the meaning of it's journey, as anyone seeking the fountain must understand there will be only one affect and only one sip. If someone were to take another drink of the fountain, the results may vary. For those with ill intent, it will work the same as food poisoning. For those who are scared of what they've been told, the water will just as simply be water. Cool to the touch, it may calm those woes.

SecretsThe waters know a thing or two about the power behind best kept secrets, although there is a continued belief that some things must be told. Both to those who seek answers and those who won't, if one's heart yearns for the answer loudly enough, the fountain will listen. A ghostly whisp of a voice will reveal those secrets, but it cannot answer any questions that someone may be left with after.

Some have claimed to hear a different voice every time, although never denoting anything gendered from the voice itself. Every account has been able to agree that it was quiet, calming and reassuring. Never loud, never angry. It's gentle in each reveal, almost understanding that pain in some unspoken way.

LyingIt has never appreciated those who lie. Lies that twist minds and opinions, whether there is ill intent or not. The old magics residing within the waters will revoke a person's ability to lie if it's what they truly need. What they truly desire may to be honest when they feel they cannot. The fountain has decided to grant this freedom.

It cannot be undone by even the strongest of mages, something serving much older than anything they may know. The effects will last for 2 weeks, possibly 3 depending on how soon what needs to be said can be fully said. Honesty is the best policy and fighting it is no help to anyone involved.

MemoriesFor those who don't know everything of their home and need to, the fountain will sense that desire. Memories will come swarming back, shown in almost a slideshow. It's vivid, nearly painful to those bearing witness to what their lives would've eventually been if not for the vines that dragged them here.

No matter how many memories one needs, only 2 minutes will have passed outside of it. Crying is a perfectly normal and typical reaction, as it's hard to keep a stiff lip to have seen what could've been so clearly.

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