News Article The Hero of Elysium Serves Once More!


March 22nd
By Emilia West

A couple of months short of a year I wrote a review on 'Harold Jordan: A Light in the Darkness' an eleven episode docu-series about the rise and reign of Hal Jordan. Sometime after that, the famed former General Secretary vanished, just as Elysium's political atmosphere turned toxic and vile. The up and coming General Secretary Trilla perished and everything that has followed the Alliance has only left its residents in further turmoil without any true leadership. But with the support of Admiral Nausica, we've stood strong and united against all odds.

Now another report has echoed across the cosmos, Hal Jordan has sworn into Starfleet just days ago. Official reports state that he now serves as a Lieutenant under Admiral Nausica. This return to Elysium's military and the governmental structure of the Alliance was one that should have been expected of the man who'd spent the better portion of a year fighting for Elysium's future. Back then Hal though the General Secretary of the Alliance, still faced opposition at all corners. Now as a simple Lieutenant, I'm eager to see where Hal will go and if he can control some of the urges we witnessed in the series under new authority. Jordan still holds his title as one of the greatest Elysian Statesmen in my eyes but Admiral Nausica has birthed a new era for our Alliance and while I pray Jordan fits in, my thoughts of him still remain.

He was the perfect man to lead the nation through its greatest moral and political crisis. I did not vote for Hal when he ran for office nor did I wish for him to hold the highest rank in our land after he won the war. I thought he was nothing but a model and cowboy scum who should remain as such. Some part of me still does but his actions can not be ignored. The Assembly of Planets, freedom of speech and assembly, and so on are invaluable changes that before his reign we would have never expected to see in our lifetimes. But of course, with all great heroes, they have great flaws. It seems Jordan was spotted in the Undercity working to save buildings and people, many of whom are communist terrorists or affiliated with communist terrorists*.

But while I do certainly frown upon him aiding those who would gladly see our Alliance burn, I applaud Hal for saving lives and doing what he believed was right. We can always expect the man to do such. I simply pray that in the days and months to come that Jordan remains in Pandora, Elysians need a man like him to look up to as letters flock to our office about him and all he means to the people.

May the Gods keep him away from booze and women. The last thing Jordan needs during these trying times to so fall back into his womanizing ways and forget the topic at hand.

*for legal purposes, this is simply speculation and not based on any evidence or facts. It it simply our beliefs and we are free to express them thanks to the rights bestowed upon us by the State of Elysium and the reforms of Harold Jordan.

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