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The Magitech Arms and Armour of Heavenfell - Vanguard Armoured Suits



The Magitech Arms and Armour of Heavenfell - Vanguard Armoured Suits


Magitech, whilst widespread in use across the Vales, has a particular influence on life within Heavenfell. Due to the widespread use and development of designs which allow for much more efficient energy delivery from crystals, magitech within the Abyss and its surrounding settlements has been steadily growing cheaper and more accessible. This means that the common citizenry are much more likely to own magitech devices, and the use of magitech within Heavenfell’s military has reached widespread use throughout rank-and-file soldiers.

The Vanguard

Heavenfell’s elite soldiery, the Heavenfell Knights, have recently seen a rollout of their newest and most advanced piece of equipment, the Vanguard armoured suits. The suits host a complex lattice of smaller crystals coordinated by one larger crystal located in a backpack-esque container, whilst the suit itself is made up of interlocking plates of Prometheus dust alloy that provide both anti-magical and physical protection for its user. The suits are, on average, eight-foot-tall, and greatly augment the user's speed, physical strength, and provide a level of protection never-before seen in the Vales.

In order for a Knight to effectively control and pilot their suit, each Knight must go through a pairing process with their individual suit and it’s primary crystal. This takes the form of strenuous physical exertion over a period of days whilst using the suit, synchronising each suit’s individual crystal network to the Knight’s particular physicality and mental acuity. Once the pairing process is completed, the Knight can then specify the equipment and modifications they would like done to the armour in order to make it fit their particular expertise. They are, however, massive force multipliers, with a single Vanguard-equipped Knight being about the equivalent of a platoon of well-trained heavy infantry.


The craftsmanship and time that goes into each Vanguard means they are horrendously expensive still, restricting them to only the most elite soldiers of Heavenfell, and given that they are in the prototype stage still only about a dozen exist so far. The Vanguards also have a range limitation; the further away from The Abyss they travel, the less power the crystals are able to output. Eventually, it will run out of juice if the Knight piloting it ventures too far from home.

Operational Role

Due to their particular duties involving patrols in the wilderness surrounding the settlements of the Slumbering Abyss, the Vanguards are designed to operate for extended periods of time without needing to be brought back to a settlement for repair or refit. Whilst this is obviously limited by the aforementioned range problem, the durability of the parts through regular use means that extended patrols are possible within reason.

Closer to home, Vanguards are intended to be used for defence against powerful beings or individuals that would threaten the city of Heavenfell. Due to the immense collateral damage that could be the result of deploying a Vanguard in densely packed urban areas, they are used sparingly, and standard doctrine calls for no more than one Vanguard to respond to one of these threats at a time. If more than one is needed, then they can only be deployed by tacit order of the Monarch, or the next Minister in the chain of command if the Monarch is unavailable.


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