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Private The Plot-less Melodrama of an Uneventful Life

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G'raha Tia

Final Fantasy
Appears 24
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♡ Asra Alnazar
October 26, Y110
tag; @Merlin Ambrosius and @Wanda Maximoff

The young Miqo'te hidden somewhere away within G'raha was looking forward to the festivities, a bout of whimsy having struck him the moment they entered the school and seen its festive decorations. They brought him all the way back -- way, way back -- to the seasonal festivals of his youth. And, of course, All Saints' Wake that had been growing increasingly more popular with each passing year in those last few he had before G'raha had bid the Crystal Tower sleep again, with himself sealed inside to act as its caretaker.

And so he was eager to let down his hair, figuratively speaking, and explore what the castle had to offer.

First, however, there was official business to take care of.

The Miqo'te was dressed in a warmer set of robes -- deep burgundy layered over black, complete with accents of gold and silver. He'd traded in his open-toed sandals for a pair of black traveling boots. Arm warmers laced up to his elbow, leaving his crystallized right arm visible both above and below, though his fingers did not appear to lack for any mobility. His tail curled down from the chair beside him, swaying gently. The warmer clothing was a blessing, for he was seated with the two Headmasters of Schola Praeditos on a balcony overlooking the school's courtyard, and G'raha was not used to the cooler turn of the season.

Asra, of course, had prepared costumes for them. But G'raha would save a wardrobe change for later.

Though the festivities were certainly making their way into the meeting.

"I must thank you both for your gracious --"

He paused, ears shifting. "You are a miserably insufferable lackey and a degenerate nostril-offending toll on the nerves of those with good taste and decency!"

G'raha cleared his throat, smile looking just a little strained at the edges. "-- gracious invitation. I've heard a great many wonderful things about your institution, and I must admit, I had been hoping to find the opportunity to..."

Another shriek, and his tail flicked against the leg of the chair. "You are an incalculably salacious dreck and a debauched grudge-festering plot-less melodrama of uneventful life!"

" visit myself." G'raha continued on, doing his best to ignore the insult-slinging slide that people were enjoying. A rather impossible feat, if the very noticeable flick and turn of his furry, cat-like ears with each new insult were anything to go by.​

Wanda Maximoff

Marvel Universe
schola stuffff
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all i do is dream of you ♡

When it came to holding up the literal and figurative fort that was Merlin's school, Wanda had gone from being a woefully inexperienced nervous wreck, to only moderately inexperienced and moderately nervous, to still (probably) inexperienced but at least ostensibly put-together and (mostly) cool as a cucumber about it all. Merlin actually being here took the remainder of the edge off, and while she would've been happy to hand back over the reigns in favor of pursuing old passions, like—she didn't know—cooking or music, there was just as much peace in helping him run the day-to-day.

There was no denying her attachment to Schola either, that well past burgeoning after walking its halls for so long. This was the best of both worlds. Merlin was back, which meant no more second guessing over whether he would approve of or wring his scarf over decisions that needed to be made. And more than any of that, her friend was here and sitting next to her again.

"Thanks for coming here, Mr. G'raha Tia." One leg crossed leisurely over the other beneath the table, she sat comfortably on her patio seat, a teacup clutched daintily between her fingertips. In honor of the festivities (really just not to be a drag) she was garbed (technically glamored) from head to toe in black and white monocolor. It was easy, it was practical, it didn't attract much attention beyond the average Halloween costume, and she had simply felt running with the last minute, spur of the moment whim as soon as it struck.

There was another distant squeal, followed by another booming insult. "You are a piteously contemptible sneak and a hopeless Internet-addicted drivel and malarkey!"

"Have you thought about trying the slide? So far it's been very well received." Her currently grey eyes glanced askance in Merlin's direction and crinkled with a mirthful smile.

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