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Gonna try to do some posts today. Work slammed me hard yesterday so didn't get as much done as I wanted on here while there. ><
Would love more plots for my Half-Elf Ranger, Vex'ahlia! She's really cool and has a pet bear /finger guns > CLICK!
hey psst, react to this for a text thread! (also comment if there's anyone in particular you're wantin')
:mad: ah hate it when they ain't been shaved :mad:

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@Vivian Gandillon || 14th December, Y108

With an infernal buzzing of her phone--

Digging it out of her jean back pocket, Skye stared at the messaged that popped up on the screen.


Well, at least it wasn't any dead loved ones...

With the light emitted from the phone screen bright in the otherwise darkness of the club, Skye frowned.

Instigate a fight with a stranger.


On second thought, it said instigate. It didn't say win or knock anyone out or...


With a ping of the confirmation message, Skye after some extensive typing and eyeing of the security camera above her now streaming live for all of Nerve to see palmed her phone back into her jean pocket.


"You can do this, Skye."

Only taking a couple thrown insults and maybe even a punch to complete--

Well, after that, it was only a matter of defending herself until security showed up and considering she had (more or less) five years worth of memories to draw on and a great teacher in the form of an actual spy...

Locking eyes on a blonde retreating from the bar, Skye marched over.


She couldn't do it.

That is, until hearing the harassing tail-end of the guy trying - and failing - to buy her would-be victim a drink, Skye threw a wild punch, somehow hitting him square in the jaw rather than his intended nose.

"Son of a bitch! When will you guys learn no means no, huh?!"

Whether caught up in the game fuelled by one too many shots or a memory she was desperately trying to drown with said alcohol, Skye for a moment forgetting she was in a club intended for non-humans...

Unsteady on her feet as he quickly recovered from the blow, blue blood straining his shirt but no longer bleeding thanks to whatever supernatural or alien or magical healing he had, Skye evaded a punch, but unfortunately the same couldn't be said for the one unlucky person behind her.

And just like that, a furl of fists and shouting later, Skye instigated a fight.

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Vivian Gandillon

What was it about drunk men -- or half drunk, as case may have been, as the guy sat next to her still seemed to be able to form a coherent sentence and stand on his own -- that made them not understand the meaning of the word 'no'? Had she been too subtle? Then again, she was nearly radiating the idea of 'not wanting to be bothered' and she was pretty sure the words 'I'm not interested' didn't have much room for interpretation, so there went that theory. Was it fear of being rejected? Did he have friends watching that he didn't want to be embarrassed in front of? Taking a long sip from her drink Vivian glanced around the club and sure enough, sitting just at the other end of the bar, she spotted a couple of guys looking over at her and her unwanted company, smirking and laughing.

Rolling her eyes, not having even bothered to listen in on what the other guys were saying (she could imagine well enough), she placed her now empty glass back on the bar along with the money to pay for it and stood to leave. She really hadn't been in the mood for this tonight. After everything, all she'd wanted was to be left alone with a drink in hand and the familiar sounds of the club surrounding her. But it seemed she wasn't even allowed that much.

As she turned to leave, having only taken a few steps, she heard the guy's footsteps behind her as he called after her asking her to let him buy her a drink and to give him a chance.

Balling her hands into fists at her sides, her nails biting into her skin, she let out a long frustrated sigh. Why the hell couldn't this guy take a hint? Vivian was about to turn around and give this guy a hint that he wouldn't be able to mistake for anything else but the utter rejection it was, until a fist flew past her line of sight right into the guy's face. The guy stumbled back a couple steps, holding his jaw where he'd been hit, as the woman who'd punched him told him off.

Shit..., that was all she thought as she looked between the guy and the woman who'd thrown the punch. From what Vivian could already tell the woman's scent was distinctly human where as the idiot's, while she couldn't exactly tell what he was, was decidedly not. Out of the corner of her eye she could already see the guy's friends getting up to come over and help him, and the guy himself had quickly recovered from the blow and threw a punch of his own which the woman was able to avoid, the same could not be said, however, for the unlucky bystander behind her.

This wasn't going to end well.

As the fists began flying around her, Vivian just ran a hand over her face, another long sigh escaping her. So much for her quiet night... then again that had been ruined a while ago. As one of the men, be it the guy who couldn't take no for an answer or one of his friends Vivian didn't really care about the distinction anymore, aimed a punch at the woman who started all of this, Vivian reached out, locking her hand around the guy's wrist, glowering at him, before throwing him back against the bar.

Not that she wasn't appreciative of the woman's attempted assistance but... "I could have handled him myself you know." she said casually to the woman, before she herself was dragged into the fray.
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