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Peter Parker

Marvel Universe

February 14th • @Beth Greene

You know that spot in Cascade Bay overlooking the water? Near that cute traditional Japanese tailor shop?

Meet me there. 5pm.

If you don't show up, I'll probably cry.

He'd sent it to her earlier that day and was hopeful she'd come. Maybe even confident. He'd swung his way over there a short while before the time he'd told her, leaning himself against the stone wall that stood tall enough to keep the small of folks from toppling right off of the edge and into the ocean far below. Peter, though, because this was just who he was as a person, couldn't seem to stop himself from climbing onto of the wall and perching himself precariously there, feet tangling over the edge. It was a nice view. It was a really nice view and he just hoped Beth showed up before the sky started changing colors on him. That was kind of the big part. Or it was supposedly the big part, but Peter would have been lying if he tried to say he didn't have anything else planned at all.

Peter was nervous. He was nervous because he really, really liked Beth. He liked her and he wanted this to be special. He couldn't really remember ever having a Valentine's Day that wasn't lonely as all hell. It wasn't that he had ever detested the holiday, but it was easy to feel like maybe you weren't really good enough when everyone around you was going out with their significant others, exchanging chocolates, sending giant stuffed bears to their crushes.

Crap. He should have gotten a giant stuffed bear.

The longer he sat there by himself in his jeans, his t-shirt, and the jacket he huddled closer around him, the more nervous he got that he was doing this all wrong. Maybe he should've met her at her house, but this was the halfway point. Maybe that shouldn't have mattered. Maybe she wasn't even gonna show up. Maybe everything about what they were was just one giant misunderstanding and missed signal on his part. How stupid could he be?

NOTES: SURPRIIIIISE but also feel free to ignore this if you would rather not! i dropped the ball on christmas shenanigans because i suck, but still wanted to do SOMETHING special for these two!!!

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Beth Greene

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You are such a dork, Peter Parker.

But I kinda like you.

Sounds great! I'll meet you there :) xxx

Beth beamed at her phone, reading Peter's text over and over again. She'd tried on at least twenty different outfits since getting that text, and hated every single one of them. She'd finally decided on a nice dress, sparkly, dangle earrings and high heels (for a change). She'd dressed up for him and curled her hair all fancy, but was now worried it was too much. Peter probably wasn't dressed up so she'd look out of place. Well, she'd already done her make up now so there was no turning back.

Beth kissed Bailey goodbye and wrapped her coat more tightly around herself as she stepped outside. There was a cool breeze but luckily the sky was clear and the view of the ocean would be beautiful, just like their first date. Beth thought back to that first day, how she'd never imagined how quickly they'd gelled as people, and how fast she'd fallen for him. She hadn't even really been aware of it until one day, it had hit her like a truck. Seeing his face had sealed the deal.

Peter Parker was the real thing. He was just great.

Beth glanced at her watch and picked up the pace. She was late, shit. She'd spent so long getting ready she'd completely lost track of time. What if he'd given up and gone home? Beth tried her best to jog and was now regretting these high heels. She wasn't used to wearing them and kept forgetting she wasn't wearing her usual cowgirl boots.

Was this the place...? Yes, Beth remembered now! She let out a sigh of relief as she saw Peter up in the distance. As usual, he was sat with his legs hanging over the edge like the daredevil he was. Being Spider-Man meant there was no time to be scared of heights, though the drop was enough to make Beth feel queasy. She slowed down and tiptoed up behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist and kissing him on the cheek.

"Aha! Gotcha!" She laughed, pulling back so he could see who it was. "Scared ya, didn't I?"


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