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Tia, G'raha

G'raha Tia

Final Fantasy
Appears 24
Neutral Good
Relationship Status
"The light of your legacy was our torch in the darkness. Burn bright again and live."

Played by Rani

Fandom: Final Fantasy XIV
Age: 300+, Physically 24
Species: Miqo'te
Gender: Male
Canon Point: A short time after he was rescued from Emet-Selch by the Warrior of Light


G'raha Tia has lived a long time, and over those years has picked up and refined a variety of skills. He is both a leader and a diplomat, singularly devoted to his causes and the well-being of the world and its people. He has a way with words, able to inspire strength and hope in others, and does not back down from the overt threats from enemies with their own interests during tense diplomacies. With his many years of leadership, he has a good understanding of what it takes to run a large organization or city.

He is well-educated in aether theory -- the energies that make up all life and matter and can be manipulated via magics in his own world -- and was originally a historian before fate took his life in another direction. G'raha still enjoys losing himself in dusty tomes and unlocking ancient secrets, though his efforts over the past 300 years have pulled him away from the more whimsical outlook on life.

Martial SkillsThough G'raha primarily depends on magical abilities in combat these days, he has learned how to wield a sword and shield when he is needed on the front lines. He is no master, but can hold his own against the more run-of-the-mill monsters and men. He is also skilled with a bow, though that is an ability he rarely uses when he can simply shoot magic from his fingertips.

Royal Allagan EyeWhile it likely will not be of much use in Pandora, G'raha's bloodline was gifted the Allagan Eye -- something that was found only in the royal bloodline of an ancient and now destroyed civilization. This causes the red color in both of his eyes, and allows him to control the Crystal Tower, giving him access to its secrets, as well as the memories of a long dead Allagan Princess. He is, however, severed from the Crystal Tower in Pandora.

EquipmentHe carries with him a golden staff, encrusted with several gemstones. It is used to channel and focus his magic.

MagicWith his innate connection to the Crystal Tower and the magical energies it provides, G'raha has spent multiple lifetimes learning how to wield various magics. In the world he comes from, magical energy is known as aether, and it permeates all things; living, inanimate, and is within the world itself. Aether may remain unaspected, or it may be aspected to one of the elements; light, dark, fire, lightning, earth, wind, ice, and water.

A wide variety of spells can be crafted out of this aether; from teleportation magics, illusions, protective barriers, to destructive or healing powers. And magical abilities may be further augmented by clever, but temporary aether manipulations; allowing spells to be swiftly cast, increasing their potency, and other such advancements. But over the years, G'raha has studied several particular traditions of magic.

Thaumaturgy/Black Magic: Thaumaturgy is a school of magic that wields destructive powers. It requires G'raha to draw from his own internal aether, and focus that into the world through an object of some sort -- mainly his staff. Black Magic is simply an advanced form of Thaumaturgy that takes its destructive power to higher levels, and draws aether from the environment itself. Thaumaturgy primarily deals in lightning, ice, and fire aether, allowing him to cast spells of those elements. They might target only a single opponent, or cover a small area with freezing ice or explosive fire. He can also connect to leylines of energy in a specific spot, a magic circle forming around him, increasing the potency and ease of casting in that one location.

Conjury/White Magic: Conjury draws small amounts of aether from the environment itself. They draw on water, wind, and earth aether, to create soothing healing spells, raging winds, and explosions of stone. This tradition focuses more on spells that heal wounds, poisons, or tears away at someone's physical form with wind and stone spells. Conjury can, theoretically, be just as destructive as Thaumaturgy if they dig deeper into those elements. But it goes against the fundamentals of the tradition. White Magic also draws from the environment, though in far larger amounts than Conjury does. This fuels the more powerful spells in their arsenal such as Holy (which actually has no religious connections, and is simply unaspected aether in an explosion around the caster).

Other Magic: G'raha can cast magics beyond those traditions as well. He's particularly adept with shaping illusions, able to send out a glamour of himself over a long distance, cast invisibility over a group of people, or create vibrant pictures to help with explanations, or simply storytelling. He can also cast the spell Break, which can briefly slow a target in their tracks. He is also able to manifest ethereal arms, such as a sword and shield, when he needs something more than his staff in the midst of combat.

Crystal Tower: Back in his home world, G'raha was the caretaker of and had bound himself to the power of the Crystal Tower. The Crystal Tower was a huge structure that was able to gather vast amounts of aether directly from the sun and store it in an amount greater than just about anything. G'raha was able to draw upon the Crystal Tower's power in order to cast magic that was far, far beyond what any one person would be capable of on their own. He is without the Crystal Tower in Pandora and no longer has access to that reservoir of aether or the tower's other unique properties. With that past experience, however, he is well-equipped to handle another 'aether battery/storage' system if he ever comes across one.


G'raha's magical abilities come with several caveats that he must keep in mind. The first and most basic is that with every spell cast, it draws from G'raha's personal reserves of energy. He cannot cast indefinitely, and the more powerful the spells, the more it takes from him, driving him towards eventual exhaustion. Healing magics also have their limitations. He cannot raise the dead, and wounds can only be healed to a point. There is no better recovery than time, alchemical potions, and bandages. A healing spell on the battlefield is only a quick fix to keep you on your feet. It is no replacement for time and rest and slower, more natural methods.

More unique, however, is the balance he must keep in mind when manipulating aetheric energies. If aether is drawn from the surrounding area, it can permanently damage that area. While it is rare that one person alone could ever wield magics powerful enough to draw a cataclysmic amount of aether from the land, it can reshape and damage the land in unexpected ways. Drawing all water aether from a river will make it dry up, or filling a region with an overabundance of water aether may make it flood.

Worst still, he must keep his own internal balance of aether in mind when channeling from his internal reserves. Too much of one element drawn out of him or even through him, could risk his internal aether shifting primarily towards one element over another. The Thaumaturgy tradition has taught him to always shift his spellcasting between two elements in order to stay balanced. Failure to do this can eventually kill a person. An overabundance of aether can also cause the formation of crystals. This is the source of the crystallization of parts of G'raha's body. He has cast powerful magics over the years, largely through the vast reserves of the Crystal Tower, that proved dangerous for him, damaging his own aether. While he does not have access to that level of power, if he finds and utilizes other sources of great reserves of magical energy, his crystallization may progress until it eventually overwhelms and kills him.

G'raha is also separated from the Crystal Tower, for it does not exist in Pandora. He bound his lifeforce to the tower. Without it, he may begin to age normally. He also does not have access to the vast amounts of aether he had once been able to use to fuel his spells, and must once again rely only on his own internal aether or whatever can be drawn from the environment.

His partial crystalization has also left its mark. Though it does not seem to obstruct him much in the day to day, it has left his arm and leg stiff, and he lacks the great flexibility and agility that had once aided him in battle. G'raha is no longer capable of the acrobatic feats he had utilized in his youth.


Beloved by his people, G'raha is a kind and compassionate soul; a person willing to sacrifice even himself for the sake of the world and all its people. But he is also a man with a penchant for secrecy. This is not born out of any ill will or nefarious intent. But only so that carefully laid plans can run their course, never sharing any more then he absolutely must, or else fear that somebody may spoil them. And after keeping secrets for over 300 years and focusing so entirely on plans to safeguard the future, it is a difficult habit to break away from. G'raha has trouble reaching out to others when he needs help in personal matters, or if he simply needs a moment of emotional support. He seeks quiet and solitude in those moments, reluctant to show weakness in front of others.

Calm and collected most of the time, G'raha is a diplomat and strategist both. Though he is always willing to hear out the thoughts and ideas of others, in order to fine-tune their next moves. But he is also steadfast in his resolve. Never waivering when he feels he is working towards the greater good and the safety of all.

Before he discovered his connection to the crystal tower and the future it held for him, G'raha was a young man with a mischevious and playful streak. One that he would happily dip into, if only for a spot of good-natured entertainment with people of interest around him. Playing tricks, concealing his identity, playing up the mysteries of a moment just to see how somebody might react, they all brought a smile to his face. But over the years, G'raha has turned into a figure who is wise and thoughtful. But there is still that mischievous streak in him, waiting just beneath the surface. Subdued and even refined somehow, letting him play with words or moments.

Still, G'raha rarely indulges in things that are for his sole benefit. Long has he yearned to simply travel and adventure freely, to experience and explore the world as he had once done in his youth. But his duties and focus on long-laid plans and an inevitable self-sacrifice, that he never gave himself the time. But now he feels adrift, almost overwhelmed with the idea that there's a lifetime ahead of him. Back home, he would have devoted that time left to repay the life that his cherished friends gave back to him. But here in Pandora, the possibilities are endless.

G'raha is a Miqo'te, giving him certain feline features that are probably familiar to most. He's fairly short, standing at only 5'2". He has two red cat-ears atop his head, and a red tail that is hidden beneath a robe more often than not. He has softer features, with pale skin and eyes that are an unnatural shade of red -- at least in his home world. His hair is a subtler red -- the same shade as his tail and ears -- that has gone white from his eyeline and down to the tips. He has kept his hair grown out a bit, falling nearly down to his chin. It's a bit longer in the back, though often tied back with a narrow braid that reaches just past his shoulders. He has two dark red angular marks framing his nose, just beneath cat-like eyes, complete with slitted pupils.

One of the more noticeable aspects of his appearance is the crystallization spreading over his body. His entire right hand and arm have been transformed into blue, translucent crystal. It has spread up over his shoulders, encroaching onto his torso and back. It's spread up over the left side of his neck, with a strip curling over his cheek.

For his wardrobe, G'raha favors long robes, often embellished with small crystals. His favored outfit is a short-sleeved black robe, with white and red fabric draped around him like a toga. The outfit is embellished with small crystals, and he wears simple sandals and leather wrapping up his legs and around his arms. The hood of the robe is deep enough to obscure his face in shadows, keeping his identity and true face a secret.


300 years ago, G'raha Tia was a historian and member of an organization of scholars known as the Students of Baldesion. He was otherwise a normal Miqo'te, except for the unnatural red coloring of his left eye. It was during an investigation into the Crystal Tower in Eorzea that G'raha first met the Warrior of Light. Together, they sought to unlock the secrets of the tower, a structure that G'raha felt drawn to. He grew to greatly respect the Warrior of Light. Through their adventure together, G'raha discovered that his red eye was actually known as an "Allagan Eye", something that only existed within the royal bloodline of the ancient Allagan Empire that no longer existed.

During their exploration of the tower, they discovered its history, clones of ancient Allagan Royals, and the tower's connection to The Void. G'raha was gifted power from those two clones, hoping he could carry on the legacy that they could not. Both his eyes now reflected the Allagan Bloodline, and G'raha was granted a vision of an ancient Princess' memories.

The Allagan Empire was a civilization of astonishing technological advancement far beyond the current world. They constructed the Crystal Tower. But the tower's power was so great -- beyond what even they could control -- that it caused a great calamity and brought about the end of the Allagan Empire. The last remaining Princess entrusted her blood to a Miqo'te tribe -- a distance ancestor of G'raha's -- in the hopes that the Crystal Tower could one day stand tall as a beacon of hope to all peoples. The tower was then sealed.

And with this newfound knowledge, G'raha knew what he had to do. The Allagan Eye gave him control of the Crystal Tower. He had to seal it once more and sleep within as its guardian, until the people of Eorzea advanced enough to make use of the Crystal Tower's secrets and power without endangering the world.

He slept for 100 years before that day finally came. He awoke to an Eorzea that had been destroyed in another Calamity. The Warrior of Light and those who had sought to defend the world had been annihilated in a terrible plague that stilled the aether in all, granting them a death that swept the very planet. Civilizations crumbled, but some gathered around the Crystal Tower and its awakened guardian, searching for a new hope.

And together they theorized and planned and found a way to undo the Calamity of 100 years before. The Crystal Tower was repurposed, and G'raha, with his control over it, was able to send it through the void and to The First -- a parallel world that was but a reflection of Eorzea. Doomed to be annihilated in a Calamity of its own, with a flood of light engulfing the world. That light-enfused world would then rejoin with Eorzea (also known as The Source) and bring about the very Calamity he was trying to prevent.

But traveling across time and space is an inexact science, and G'raha and the Crystal Tower arrived shortly before the Flood of Light would engulf the world. Other forces managed to hold the light at bay, preserving just a sliver of the world for its peoples to struggle to survive on. G'raha spent the next 100 years studying and preparing for the vast magics that would be necessary.

The plan was this; Reach out across dimensions and draw the Warrior of Light to The First. There, the Warrior of Light would battle and defeat the Light Wardens. Blessed with the Light of the Goddess Hydaelan, he would be able to withstand the powerful light that would flood from each warden, when others would succumb and be twisted by it. But even he would not be able to hold the light of all 5 Lightwardens in Norvrandt. When that day came when the Warrior of Light felled the last one, G'raha would draw the light from him and use the Crystal Tower's power to send himself, the tower, and that great flood of light into the void between worlds. There it would be dispelled, G'raha would die, and two worlds and the Warrior of Light himself would be saved.

But he could not risk the Warrior of Light or his companions learning his true identity or true plan, or else they might attempt to stop him. So he trusted his plans and identity to only one, Uriangur, who had already proven he would do whatever was necessary for the well-being of all worlds, no matter the cost. And when the Warrior of Light arrived, he would introduce himself only as the Crystal Exarch -- for that was the title the people of Norvrandt had given him -- and keep his face forever in the shadow of his hood.

There were hiccups in the plan though. First, was the difficulty in summoning the Warrior of Light. It was an inexact art, and he ended up pulling the souls' of the Warrior of Light's closest companions to The First, leaving them trapped there, in physical bodies, but doomed to die even if it would take years, if they were not returned to their bodies. But eventually he was able to grab the Warrior of Light and pull him across worlds. Then, when it seemed the final curtain would fall, G'raha was struck from behind by an enemy and fell, injured and unconscious. The light he had tried to draw from his friend promised to doom the man, and G'raha Tia was taken captive by an enemy, Emet-Selch, who wished to see The First destroyed and rejoined with The Source.

But against all hope, the Warrior of Light survived. He survived and felled Emet-Selch, saved G'raha Tia, and managed to expunge that vast amount of light in the battle with Emet-Selch, who wielded unimaginable powers of darkness. And suddenly G'raha was looking ahead towards a future that he no longer had to died for. His identity was revealed at long last, and the recognition his dear friend showed was such a relief, it brought tears to his eyes. He promised them he would live and do all he could to repay them for all they had given him and Norvrandt.

It was in those quiet moments after, when G'raha was alone and resting after the excitement, that he was drawn into Pandora.

What did you do with a life that's purpose had been turned on its head, turning abruptly from oblivion? It was a question that came back to G'raha time and time again. He turned slowly on his couch, legs drawn up, tail curled over his hip beneath the robes he still wore. The cool touch of healing magics, courtesy of young Alphinaud, had long since faded, leaving the Crystal Exarch tired, but in one piece at least. The bruises, the blood, the tattered clothing had all been washed away or mended, and he sat there now in solitude, within his inner sanctuary, the towers crystalline walls engulfing the room.

"A plot 300 years in the making, foiled in its final moments, the very man I had hoped to save forced to find strength I foolishly thought beyond even him. And in doing so, saved us both." A small smile settled on his lips, tired, but at peace. "The Warrior of Light forever defying fate."

G'raha looked past the steaming cup of tea beside him -- courtesy of Lyna, ever concerned over his well-being -- and towards the pile of books just beyond. There was only one answer to that question. And that was to do all he could to serve this world, and the heroes that had drawn it back from the brink.

The Miqo'te froze, eyes drawn to the flicker of movement upon the crystal floor. Darkness swelled, billowed, and the man stumbled to his feet, wariness driven away by the sudden confusion. The panic. His crystallized hand grasped for the staff that rested against the side of the couch, even as his senses reached out to the Crystal Tower. He could feel it humming, energy a constant flow through its structure. But no sense of wrongness. Nothing out of place. No warning sign to explain the darkness that had breached the tower.

His mind raced as he drew away, only for the floor to give way beneath him into an inky blackness. Like snakes erupting from the earth, tendrils of darkness coiled around his limbs, pulling tight, and just as a denial fled his lips, he was dragged into the darkness.

A sharp displacement leaving him on his knees and shuddering, arms wrapped around himself. G'raha grit his teeth, the sun shining down on him and the beautiful vista before him. But G'raha had never felt so frayed at the very seams.

There was no need to question the surroundings, or the state of the sky, or the unfamiliar city stretching out from a cliffside in the distance. Not when he felt like a part of himself had been so crudely shorn away.

This was no longer The First. No longer any of the stars or the void between them all. "I cannot...cannot feel it," he gasped out, struggling to make sense of it. Not even the faintest touch of it at the back of his mind. He had been far from it before, and ever he had been linked to it, even if the distance weakened his magic.

G'raha slowly lifted his head, swallowing heavily. The pull against the crystallized skin of his throat was somehow more pronounced than usual. He lifted his fingers, gently probing the hard edges, searching for any signs of growth. Nothing. Nothing as he lifted his eyes to the unfamiliar landscape, no blue towers shimmering in the distance.

This was no mere distance from the tower. It was an entire reality away. A place the Crystal Tower, even across all of time and space, could never hope to reach.
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