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With their leader originally having a gang back home that was like family to him, he naturally fell back into old habits upon arriving in Pandora around September of Y110. In that time, he stumbled upon the mess left behind after Maader was killed. She had a solid grip on the shipment and supply of Prometheus dust running through the Wastes, and her death left a power vacuum that he happily and quickly filled.​


More than anything, this gang works to help people. Laws are ignored as often as need be for that cause. They focus on the needs of everyone, not just the many or the few. There are strict rules in place to ensure that everyone stays in line.
  1. You don't fuck over family permanently. This is a family.
  2. Communicate properly when you fuck up or be tattled on, there's no in between. One is much nicer than the other.
  3. Trust goes both ways and stays that way.
  4. Do not kill without communicating with the boss first unless you're given no other option. Understand the weight of a life.
  5. Lying will get you absolutely nowhere.


Boss: Yuri Leclerc
While he may seem strict at times, no one is held to a higher standard than the boss himself. He is patient in overseeing everything, making sure that nothing goes unnoticed or without praise when needed. He leads by example and entirely hands on.

With handing out jobs for the week, he makes sure to make his rounds in joining with different people throughout the week to check in and help with whatever needs to get done. He does this most often with newer members, wanting to ensure their safety and comfort as much as possible in the early stages.​

Joining tends to take a while. Following the rules is key, but every single member of Tournesol knows Yuri personally. He ensures this rather quickly, wanting to build an atmosphere that won't turn for the worst the second something stressful happens.

Any who try to turn against him would very quickly see why that is a horrible idea as loyalty and trust are the main factors in joining Tournesol to begin with. It goes both ways, ensuring that everyone has someone they can lean on when they need it.​

They don't typically make too many deals, all too used to relying on only themselves. Yet when enough trust and understanding between groups or people can be built, it blooms wholeheartedly into a mutually beneficial agreement.​


A part of what makes the gang so allusive is the fact that their hideouts change once every three weeks. They ensure everything is covered up, leaving no tracks behind as often as possible. The location of the hideout can change from the Wastes to the Vales or anywhere in between that can hold their operation for as long as necessary. Sometimes the length of time is shorter, but never longer than three weeks at a time.

They aren't often repeated, but there are a few warehouses that may get cycled through once enough time has passed. All locations are also thoroughly and silently checked to ensure it hasn't been wired or trapped in any capacity.


Dealing in Prometheus dust, the gang's income mostly came from sales in that field for quite some time. It took a while before their reputation was good enough to focus on other jobs, such as shutting down vile operations or taking out anyone who could be seen as opposition or looking to steal back from them.

They also steal drugs from time to time to redistribute them to those who may need it for legitimate reasons. The same can be said for food, often dropping off trucks full to communities in need out in the wilder areas of the Wastes or the Vales.


Not much is known of the gang itself, typically relying on keeping a low profile helps greatly. What is known, however, is that there is a group working in the shadows to help where they can despite whatever law or lawmaker that may stand in the way.

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