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Recent Event TRIBUNE rolled out for Commune citizens


December 18th Y110

With the translation that ordinarily simply exists in Pandora becoming patchy and uneven, many states have met with difficulty organising daily life. In the Free Elysian Commune, however, a new government initiative has seen citizens supplied with simple screen glasses and unobtrusive "gloves," fitted to a variety of hands and heads.

A series of picture-based instructions will then allow citizens to use TRIBUNE, the Commune's auto-translation and messaging software, for the first time. The equipment and software are both based on Henka Systems' popular VR rig, which has been suitably adapted to the challenge. While there will undoubtedly be initial teething issues, the Central Council is confident that TRIBUNE is the solution to Pandora's latest problem and can be expanded for further use in the future.

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Hello, World - TRIBUNE is tested out for public use by @Moh Kohn, @Sasuke Tanaka and a small team of daring volunteers.

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