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Valentine’s Weekend! (Ship appreciation!)


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Inspired by the Valentine season and Siri’s thread from a few years ago <3, this is a thread to gush over those Pandora ships, either present, future or from the past!

Carrie White & Scott McCall

These two are just the sweetest pair, and so so good for each other; Scott has really been Carrie’s rock and helped her massively with her self-esteem and confidence, all the while being patient and understanding.

@Raine and I started them off as friends, then she told me one day that Scott would totally develop a crush on Carrie! I really liked the idea and I wanted Carrie to experience her first ever romance and they had such a wholesome relationship already. Now they’ve been together for over a year and are going strong. <3

Misty Day & Cordelia Goode

IMO Lily Rabe and Sarah Paulson always have a lot of chemistry when they act together and Coven was probably the season that produced the best between them.

Cordelia gives Misty the affection and family she’s always wanted and in turn, Misty shows Cordelia unselfish and unconditional love that she didn’t have with Hank. As well as they compliment each other, their contrasts allow them to learn from one another and have new experiences. Raine, as always, is a joy to write with. <3

Oswin Oswald & Carter Burke

I think this one of my most unexpected pairings, and I’m living for it! @Nyami, who excels at writing him, and I started with Victorian!Clara and Burke meeting in a pub and the relationship blossomed from there.

And now he’s meeting her futuristic counterpart in Oswin and all kinds of confused! I can’t wait to see what happens with them next. Clara made Burke rethink his life choices and question his morality so we’ll see if he tries to do better by Oswin!

Rose the Hat & Severen

My first villain ship! >D when I reapped Rose, @Dharke was eager for Severen and her to meet - and how amazing it’s been! I’m a big fan of Dharke’s Severen anyhow and the two go together so well - they’re toxic and unhealthy individuals buuuuuut I think they’ll develop a genuine twisted affection for one another. As they go on, I think Rose will keep Severen in line whilst he’ll have her cut loose and show her the wilder side of life from time to time! I’m so excited to see where this leads. <3

Past ships

Claire Redfield & Jill Valentine

Another Raine pair! A ship that never got off the ground thanks to my fickle muse; it was short but I loved every minute of it and miss it. <3

Padmé Amidala & Anakin Skywalker

Corny prequel dialogue aside, I love this ship and always will (The Clone Wars series and Revenge of the Sith are my go-to examples). @Siri is the ultimate Anakin/Vader RPer and it was a joy threading this pairing with her. <3

Leia Organa & Han Solo

The other main Star Wars couple! I loved playing Leia and have fond memories of role playing with...various Hans I think? They’re a classic film couple. <3

Rachel Amber & Tommy Clark

Another ship that fizzled due to my shitty muse! @Octi ’s Tommy was so adorable next to streetwise Rachel and I would’ve loved to explore them further if not for life! <3

Sister Mary Eunice & Bo Dennis

Raine’s Bo was one of my favourites, and we had such plans for these two! I like to think what could’ve been - Bo would’ve had a wild ride for sure! <3
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I have no current ships boohoo. There's been a couple back in the past though, I'm also probably forgetting some because my memory sucks, lol.

K (Blade Runner: 2049) & Jo Harvelle (SPN) with @Andii
Oh myyyy goooodness these two. What can I say they were the most unlikely pairing of people but they worked so well together it was honesty adorable and they are one of my all time fave ships! They both just wanted to be normal people, and they did the cutest things like go to the zoo and she really showed him an entire world beyond his experiences as a Replicant. He supported her so much and together they did their thing and it was the most healthy ship I've ever had, lol! It was just really wholesome and GOOD. I'm still mad at myself that my muse died and I fell off the face of the site. SAWB SAWB.​

The Countess (AHS: Hotel) & Thomas Sharpe (Crimson Peak) with @Octi
This one was totally unexpected but I LOVED it. He ended up saving her when she turned up riddled with bullets and in classic Countess style, she hooked him in with her claws and it was messed up and toxic but it was epic and beautiful and like some fucked up gothic romance. Those two characters worked together in such unexpected and definitely unhealthy ways which is a serious trend for me and Octi, lmao!​
We also had the not-a-ship with Michael Langdon & Ambrose which I LOVED. Poor Ambrose had such a flame for Michael and it was really sweet but omg Michael was the worst for playing with that flame and encouraging it right before squashing it. He was terrible, Ambrose deserved better but I loved how bad they were together, lol! <3​

Jesus & Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead) with @Loren
We fixed that shit. WE FIXED THAT STUPID SHIT THEY PULLED IN THAT SHOW. I loved these two because they did not start out well at all, they did not get on, they had some serious fights that were centered around the groups drama at the time and slowly over time they healed together and they became important to each other and as the group thinned out and they were pretty much the only ones left, their losses really brought them both together. It was sweet and even though the show literally killed my muse on this one, I still love that we wrote something better for them both, lol. <3​
We also had that other ship but we don't speak of that fandom anymore. >.>​

James Holden & Naomi Nagata (The Expanse) with @Nic
MY LIL SPACE BABIES. The only real canon ship I ever had on the site, my fave thing with these two is how different they are as people and that they had full on arguments and disagreements but they both clearly loved each other even though they disagreed and eventually they'd figure their troubles out and it would make them stronger afterwards. I loved them on Pandora and I continue to love Nolden in the show too.​

Bob Gray (IT) & Wanda Maximoff (Marvel) with @Siri
It's not a real ship it's a HATESHIP. These two hated the fuck out of each other but after a hilarious groundhog day level plot we ran where they were forced to chill the fuck out and stop killing each other and actually talk their shit out, I LOVED their stupid grudging snark and hate for each other. They were enemies who could also chill out on a swing set and shoot the shit together by the end of it and I wish my muse hadn't died and I wish I hadn't fallen off the face of the planet because I LOVED this plot and this dumb pair of idiots hating each other so very much.​
Furiosa & Max (Fury Road) with @Duck
This was like the slowest slow burn because these two had a LOT to get through individually but they really got to grow together in Pandora and it was soooo beautiful to write. Honestly some of my all time fave posts I've ever written are in that campfire thread with these two just getting down to the bare bones of humanity. They were probably one of the most complex ships I've ever delved into. Just because a lot went unsaid with them, it was really demanding to try and think differently when characters wouldn't necessarily speak. How would people like that show love or care for one another when they probably would to so in any traditional sense? It really challenged me to come up with new ways of exploring a ships dynamics when you take away the usual obvious cues. I enjoyed that kind of challenge to my writing!​


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I don't do a ton of shipping, so my list will be super short. But each of these ships is super appreciated and makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

G'raha Tia & Asra Alnazar with @milk
This one was totally unplanned and an incredibly pleasant surprise. Asra was the very first non-npc that G'raha met in Pandora. It was an anti-magic stormy night, G'raha's crystal arm had lost its ability to move and just weighed him down. And then Asra came along, pulled him out of the mud, and they took refuge in a nearby cave. I knew absolutely nothing about Asra, and Milk only knew G'raha from my fangirling about him, but we figured they'd get along and like each other.

And oh boy, was the chemistry there right from the start. They were platonic cuddling by their second thread together after harrowing circumstances. G'raha was touch-starved from isolating himself for 100+ years, and Asra was very physically affectionate and they just got along, and were very good for each other. I remember sitting there early on in our first thread and thinking to myself, oh my god I feel so much chemistry here. Is it just me??? Is it too soon for me to ask Milk about this chemistry if it's a legit thing???

Honestly, this was not a slow burn ship. They got together super fast, confessed their love for each other within months. And yet it never felt rushed to me. They were just...exactly what the other needed. There's been dealing with some trauma and misadventures since then, but they're working things out and I'm excited to see where they go in the future.

Keith Kogane & Takashi Shirogane with @EXORDIUM
I was a diehard Sheith shipper from my time watching Voltron, and I knew EXO was too. So naturally, we had to ship them in Pandora too. I honestly very, very rarely get like...super invested or into a ship that is not explicitly canon. But Voltron hit me over the head with this one between all their interactions, that Keith and Shiro getting together always felt like it would have been a natural progression of what they had in the series.

There was some uncertainty with them from the start, since Shiro had been in a wonderful relationship with Fleet's Keith in the past. So, when I brought Keith back in, he had no memory or awareness of this prior relationship. Only these...slowly growing suspicions, and worries about Shiro missing the old Keith. But they worked that out, got together, had some adventures, and then Shiro died (as he tends to do) and Keith went off the deep end in Pandora. But they've just been reunited, so I'm looking forward to them getting some relaxation and rest time after everything. They totally deserve it. :3
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