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Private We watched the sunset over the temple

Ahsoka Tano

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She hadn't had to think about the possibility of an order for two years. She had mourned them of course. The feeling of emptiness that she got after order 66 was not something she could describe even if he had asked. But even before that she had said the Jedi order goodbye in many ways. At least what the order had become. It wasn't their fault, Ahsoka was starting to accept that more with every coming day. After she left, after everything that had happened with her trial it was very easy to blame the council. But they had been as blindsided as everyone else.

The path of the Jedi was one of many. But she doubted that even the order had truly followed it by the time they got to the war. She had tried to say something like that, it had turned into more of an accusation. ¨It's a path the order lost¨ okay that might still be a bit too strong. ¨And that's why the people lost faith in the Jedi, as did i¨ had she ever really recovered that faith. Maybe not her path was different now anyway.

And she could at the very least trust him on the matter. Their culture should be preserved, it was painful to think about what the empire might do to the temple on coruscant and any other temples they came across. She had seen what they did to Illum and it had nearly broken her heart. ¨Younglings will need a safe place to learn¨ and just because her path was different that didn't make this path less important. ¨As i said, if i see any texts or holocrons i´ll let you know¨ it was a small effort. And their culture felt important to her as well.

That doubt was still there though. She had seen it all fail. She had seen people from all around the galaxy give up on the order. In such a way that most people even bought into the idea that it were the jedi who had betrayed the republic. If anything it had choked her even more that the Fardi´s had been accepting off her even after hinting she used to be one. Maybe pandora could be better. There wasn't a war going on, and though she didn't feel exactly comfortable with the Elysian government, it wasn´t the empire either.

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