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Beyond the fabric of space and time, outside of all dimensions and universes, there exists a Pantheon of Gods who claim to have created all that exists. These beings are ruled by the Goddess Pandora and together they are a fickle lot. Unsatisfied with their creations, they abandon one world only to create a new one to play with, then abandon that world too when they grow bored with it in a never ending cycle that has been taking place since before memory. To the Pantheon, all beings were imperfect and the entertainment they provided was only fleeting. And so Pandora, in her ongoing quest for something new, created a small world within a box within their own empty realm. But instead of creating new life to struggle within this world like they so often did in the past, this time they plucked lifeforms from a myriad of different worlds, realms and dimensions, and dropped them into the Box without warning or explanation.

Yanked out of their own worlds, everybody reacted differently. Some searched relentlessly for a way out, while others saw the world of Pandora as a new beginning and an escape from the old. But the Box was not a static thing. Newcomers arrived daily in Pandora, and some vanished seemingly overnight as the Pantheon chose to yank them back out again. Those who remained, however, formed new lives here. In the beginning, there was only one small town, but over time the Box and its populace grew. Governments were established, rulers rose and fell, landscapes appeared and vanished overnight, and people struggled with the strange events within the Box that were, unknown to them, tossed in on the Pantheon’s whims. Some even say that history seems to have suddenly skipped about a century forwards, though most of the world’s populace seems to think otherwise.

CURRENT STATUS. It's been a little over a century since Pandora’s creation, and the Box is a thriving community of all sorts of people, its landscapes having currently settled into several regions that are all different from one another. Some regions specialize in the fantastical, others in the apocalyptic. Each region has different laws, cultures and lifestyles their citizens abide by, but the world is an unstable one and you never know when the Box might suddenly change the rules again.

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The Pantheon


About The Game

Welcome to Pandora! We are a mass panfandom roleplay where characters from nearly any fandom can be played.

Characters don’t know exactly why they were brought to Pandora. Modeled after the concept of Pandora’s Box, the world itself is surrounded by invisible walls that keep the unwilling inhabitants of Pandora trapped within its confines. Though many have tried, there have been no successful attempts to find a way out. Instead, those living here have either come to accept their situation and try to make the most of it, or are perpetually unsatisfied and can never settle down. With characters from all walks of life, ranging from friendly neighbors to power-hungry supervillains, there’s never a dull moment.

Everyone who survived the Calamity suddenly finds themselves awake in a greatly changed Pandora. According to the date, 100 years have passed since Pandora broke down and built itself back up. NPCs have no memory of the Calamity, though their memories of the past 100 years have been retconned in by the Pantheon. Records from before the Calamity still exist as Pandora’s history. Strangely enough, for every individual who experienced the Calamity and suddenly awoke in year 108, the world seems to have a spot for them. The people around them have memories of them existing, lived, worked, and even loved. They often find that they have a job, home, and a life already waiting that they may or may not choose to step into. While some characters awaken to find themselves with the superficial fame of rockstars and models, most of these “fake” histories are relatively minor. At most, they may be able to find themselves picking up lingering threads of their activities prior to the Calamity and continuing where they left off.


  • CANON-ONLY. Due to the limitless character options, Pandora is a canon-only game.
  • FOCUS ON REALISM. Pandora is a world where fantastic things can happen, but we still expect characters to be grounded in realistic actions, reactions, and consistent internal logic.
  • CONSTANTLY CHANGING WORLD. By its nature, the world of Pandora is constantly in flux. People, objects, and even entire locations can appear or disappear overnight.
  • SURPRISE STAFF AND PLAYER-RUN EVENTS. Plots are driven by both staff and players, and may result in surprise events.
  • PERMANENT IMPACT. As the world is constantly evolving and responds to character actions, plots and events of any size can have a significant impact on the world and its participation.
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