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Gerold Hirschberg

Inglourious Basterds
Halls of Horizon
Human and Proud!
Ex-Guerrilla Warrior/Hunter


"This fucking stinks."

...No, Gerold hadn't just smelled something dying in the background, and neither had he been faced with a bottle of spoiled milk. That sort of crazy hadn't happened to him yet, thank least, not in Pandora's infamous desert country.

What had decided to take place instead, unfortunately, was a really, really, really slow brand of "crime solving"...or, should he say, not crime-solving? There had been no further announcements in a rather important case lately, and when there was no news, there could only be no assumed leads as well. No potential idiots to personally go after and, after a few well-placed beatings, learn all there was to know about the one who had done something so evil.

"I mean, can anybody else understand this besides me? A whole month of investigations, results?"

In other words, finding Riza Hawkeye's killer seemed to be taking the local Watch a literal eternity to figure out, and boy oh boy, that was more than enough to keep him in a semi-permanent state of Pissed-Off-As-Anything.

Good thing the staff of this establishment were used to his random outbursts, otherwise he could have easily found himself in a growing amount of trouble.

"If you're talking about the explosion, it's not gonna get solved overnight," Charlene, one of the Hole's resident waitresses, didn't hesitate to remind him. "What if there wasn't much left of her to start with? That's not going to be all that helpful as evidence, especially if she can't be identified!"

"Yeah," he grumbled, feeling just the slightest bit sick at the thought of it all. "Bits and pieces, thanks for tellin' me..."

It was a wonder that he didn't end up excusing himself to go mutter and curse in a corner...if not also end up bawling his eyes out for no good reason. Death did have a tendency to do that to him, especially in the last several weeks.

Still. The night was relatively young, so maybe he could just order himself a hot tea and then head home before...he started getting ideas. He knew what those 'ideas' had guaranteed himself the last time, so he liked to think that he would be strong enough to keep his emotions under wraps for a little while longer.

Then again...knowing Pandora, literally anything and everything could happen in an instant..

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