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Open Who's Next?

Who Should My Next Character Be?

  • The Man With The Cane

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • The Fallen One

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • The Chronicler

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • The Movie Star

    Votes: 3 33.3%

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Chaotic Good
So you know the drill for this by now, plenty people do em, It's a character Poll, The votes are to help me figure out which, but depending on who finds out the people I'm polling for

The Man With The Cane

The Man With The Cane is ancient, perhaps primordial in nature, he's been around the world in various forms sewing his delightful pranks. Well delightful for him, usually life ruining or deadly for anyone else. He may appear normal on the surface but he is far from it. His powers are near limitless in his realm but in Pandora they'd be stunted but still be potent. Logic and Rational thinking does nothing but bore him. The Man With The Cane does things that confuse and amaze the common man and delight him to no end. His sentences run on and on and seem to lose their point, and his fashion sense had no rhyme or reason outside of a color scheme. But don't take this to mean the Man is dumb or his mind is muddled, there's a creativity to him and mixing that with his powers he can craft wonders....or nightmares.

The Fallen One

The Fallen One was a wicked man in life, not evil but he did wicked things for money, his one redeeming quality was, love. His love for his wife, and his desire to provide for her, and to give her a child. But these dreams never came thanks to betrayal by a man he called friend and the barrel of a flame thrower. Five years he languished in Hell, tortured by The Devil and his crony The Clown. All he wanted, all he hoped for was another chance to be with his wife one more time. The Devil offered him a way out, his fingers crossed the whole time. Become his champion! Lead his armies! And he would send him back. Desperate The Fallen One agreed and was whipped back to Earth with no memories save his name and his mission. Slowly his past would come to him, with the reality of his wife, having finally moved on, married his best friend, and had a child. A life he had stolen from him. Angered he dove into vengeance, ready to cut a bloody swath through The Cities filth until he felt catharsis. Damning himself even further if he didn't heed the warnings of his mentor, The Wizard.

The Chronicler

Some call The Chronicler paranoid, dangerous even, some call him a freak, some call him a deductive genius. All of these are true but only scratch the surface, by day he chronicles the day to day news of his city. By night he dives into it's filth flooded streets up to his waist. Hiding his identity and searching for the corrupt core of the crime riddling his home. A street shaman some would call him. The city speaks to him like it does no other, snippets of conversations on the streets, signs, radio snippets. All of it can be melded together to give him clues. Maybe in his own head at least...but he always does seem to be right in the end.

The Movie Star

The Movie Star gained his fame through his fighting style, less so than his passable acting skills. A martial artist through and through, the allure of stardom drew him to the big screen. And his fists propelled him into the spotlight. Beloved by everyone...well almost everyone, The Movie Star sought out higher thrills, leading him into a battle for worlds that he could hardly comprehend, the Movie Star was arrogant and pressed on into matters he was barely suited for...yet he grew from this. Destiny had shaped him with powers he didn't fully understand but with them he fought off threats to his world time and time again. As as age crept up on him he found himself changing, growing, no longer did his ego drive him. Now a sense of justice, a sense of duty, and a sense of love for the family his journeys had give him.

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Sorry I haven't been posting. Been caught up in some stuff lately and it's kept my attention away from my writing. I'll try to get it all worked out soon. <3
sorry for every person i've ever called stupid ig :/

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